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PGSM Cast Webmaster

   Use the address below and include [Cast] in the Subject to insure I see you amongst the spam that regularly arrives.

Sawai Miyuu  沢井美優

For the rest of them

   You will need to be able to type in both halfwidth and fullwidth kanji and supply a Japanese address. The registration form has "intelligent" form fields that require you to use Japanese standard address format and the proper type of kanji.

Last Resort

   You can try sending postal mail to them through their modeling agency (see their Profile page for website link). Be aware they are Japanese and may very well not understand English. Azama, being raised in Okinawa, may have above average English skills (or not). [Okinawa-jima is home to a massive U.S. military presence and serves as its Asian/Pacific Headquarters and defends both Japan and Taiwan, as well as discouraging mainland China and North Korea from acquiring their neighbors.]

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