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    Azama "Mew" Myuu started her career as a member of B.B. Waves, an Idol dance group. She toured with them in 1999 and 2000. After she "graduated" from B.B. Waves, her career went into a long lull before being one of the winners of the SEVENTEEN (Japan) 2003 model audition and with it an exclusive modeling contract with SEVENTEEN.

   She made her SEVENTEEN debut with issue 24 (Oct 01, 2003) and has continued to appear regularly ever since. The rest of her idol career was basically been put on hold while she works for SEVENTEEN, Sailor Moon, and continued high school.

   She was promoted from SEVENTEEN to the publisher's college-age fashion magazine non-no with the 21st issue of 2006 after winning the 38th non-no Modeling Grand Prix and made her last appearance in SEVENTEEN #27 (Nov 15, 2006).


Her non-no debut

(Nov 15, 2006)

non-no #21
(Nov 5, 2006)



1986.12.26 (20 years old)  Okinawa prefecture


169 cm

Type of blood:

B type


Dance, calligraphy, and candy making


The star attraction of her modeling agency's website.

Her official blog.

Official non-no Homepage
Her modeling website from Japan's edition of SEVENTEEN.

Official SEVENTEEN Homepage
Her modeling website from Japan's edition of SEVENTEEN.

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