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    Koike Rina's first Jr. Idol DVD 「おにいちゃんといっしょ」came out in January 2004 at the age of 10. That same month she was featured in 「U-15 Live Version Vol.3」a live debut concert with ten other young girls. The live concert was later broadcast in February as part of 「ジュニアでGO!」#5 (Being Junior, GO!).

   At the beginning of March 2004, her modeling career began with a two page appearance in 「Pure Pure」 #23, following in the footsteps of a few of her fellow Sailor Senshi actresses. She then appeared in 「清純系」(Peace Mook) volume 14 in a six page story hyping her idol DVD. To date, she has made nearly 30 Idol magazine appearances, mostly notable in the U-15 Idol magazine 「Pure Pure」with 4 more appearances including an 11 page layout in #39 (Nov 2006) as the cover girl and the cover of the Spring 2007 「Chu→Boh 」#18.

   After her Sailor Moon job, Rina got the part of a policeman's daughter in a TV-Asashi movie of the week. She would get more TV appearances before her regular part in 「喰いタン2」beginning in April 2007.

   Her other solo Idol work features her first photobook 「天真らんまん」released 23 Jan 2006 with a square cover instead of the normal rectangular cover, her 2nd DVD 「里奈。誕生してから12年」released on 22 Feb 2006, her latest photobook 「一年四組十九番」released on 1 Oct 2006, and her latest DVD 「里奈探しツアーご招待♡」released on 4 Nov 2006.


1993.09.03 (13 years old)  Tochigi prefecture


137 cm

Type of blood:

O+ type


Swimming, Jazz Dancing and piano.


Her Latest DVD Release

Her Latest Book Release

4 Nov 2006

Photo Book
1 Oct 2006



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