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北川景子 Kitagawa Keiko

    Kitagawa Keiko was signed to an exclusive modeling contract with Japan's SEVENTEEN magazine after being one of the winners of the 2003 audition. She made her SEVENTEEN debut with a 7 page feature at the front of the Nov 01, 2003 [#25] issue.

   Kitagawa made regular appearances in SEVENTEEN magazine until her retirement from modeling in mid-2006. She followed up her debut in issue #25 (2003) and has continued to appear every two weeks since then.

   Jumping on the bandwagon, BOMB magazine uncovered in their archive an unused Kitagawa layout and used it in the November 2003 issue.

   Kitagawa signed on in 2005 to co-star in a live action movie "Mizu ni sumu hana" 水に棲む花based on the manga of the same name. This would be the start of her movie acting career that is now up to 7 films including the Hollywood made "The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift" and her first starring role in a major Japanese release in Dear Friends.


1986.8.22 (20 years old) Hyogo prefecture


160 cm

Type of blood:

O type


Badminton and swimming


Her Latest Movie Release

Her Latest Book Release

Dear Friends
In theaters 3 Feb 2007

北川景子写真集Dear Friends
Photo Book
20 Feb 2007



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