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浜千咲 · Hama Chisaki

    Hama Chisaki started her Idol career with an appearance in BOMB! and a exclusive modeling contract with "melon" magazine. She now appears regularly in "melon" as of the July 2003 issue. The magazine ceased publication in late 2005.

   Prior to this, she appeared in the Jr. Idol magazine "Pure Pure" [Pure²] issues 17-19, although I believe issue 18 only has a brief mention of her amongst many other Jr. Idols.

   Her earliest appearances seem to be in a magazine called "Monthly De-View", during Winter 2002-3. Other early appearances are in "pichi lemon" (Summer 03) and something called "for lilie" in the April 03 issue.

   Her only TV work prior to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, was an Idol special on Sky PerfecTV Japan that translates as "Being Junior, GO!".

   Some of her works, released in November 2003, include being one of the three senshi actresses in BOMB! [11/03] with Sawai Miyuu and Kitagawa Keiko; an appearance in UP-TO-BOY [11/03]; and her fifth straight appearance in melon [11/03].

   During February 2006, she announced on her website that she would be taking a break from her career for health reasons and to prepare for college entrance exams. This came shortly after "melon", her regular job, ceased publication. The combination of these two events leads most people familiar with the Idol industry to believe she is retired and she has not been heard from in the last year except for occasional reunions with her fellow PGSM cast members.

   Her real name is Izumi Rika. However, there was already another Idol with the same name and worse, just "Rika" produces thousands of hits on Google and Yahoo! for a member of the Idol super-group Morning Musume.


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1988.11.10 (19 years old)  Kyoto


162 cm

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A type


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