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    Arisa is the co-host of Monthly V Jump TV「月刊Vジャンプテレビ」,  a television show about video games.  She appears monthly in the fashion magazine CANDy along with Komatsu Ayaka. Arisa has a few Idol DVDs and Photobooks available. She seems to have something to do with NHK TV's Champ 9x9 Kids Battle Tournament 「チャンプ99勝ち抜きキッズバトル」, which is a children's quiz show.

   Arisa's real name is Alisa Yuriko Durbrow. Although her mother is Japanese, her father is an American of European descent, which explains some of her unusual (for Japanese) physical appearance. He has lived in Tokyo since 1982, after a year in Kobe.


1988.4.16 (19 years old) Tokyo


168 cm

Type of blood:

O type




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