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    Sawai Miyuu had appeared in numerous idol magazines and a pair of solo idol DVDs prior to being selected as Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon). The magazines include the usual Jr. Idol ones including Pure Pure, BOMB, and memew. These idol magazines often come with inserts, including trading cards, of which, Sawai has appeared on a few of them.

    The solo videos「ME」&「YOU」are available in a boxset for 7600 yen (about US$63). They were originally released in September of 2002 as both single DVDs (3800 yen [about US$32] each) and cheaper videos (2900 yen [about US$24] each).

     Although, she was featured in an issue of BOMB Idol magazine (Nov 03) with Kitagawa, and later in Sabra, she signed an exclusive modeling contract with Tokuma's Love Berry magazine.

   On April 1st, 2005, Sawai released a new Idol DVD called "South Wind" as part of the Young Champion「ヤングチャンピオン」DVD series. This followed her "Asian Kiss" solo Idol DVD from earlier in 2005 which also had a separate Photobook of the same name. She also released "Perfect Collection" and "me→you" later in 2005. Early 2006, she released "Snow White" and just months ago, at 2006's year's end, her latest Idol DVD "Fresh : Re : Fresh" was released.

   In between DVDs, she has done voice acting (an episode of the "Black Cat" anime and the "Fullmetal Alchemist" movie), has appeared in a play with Matsushita Moeco (her PGSM love rival), and had a role in the Japanese horror movie "Chain 2".



1987.10.23 (20 years old)  Kanagawa prefecture


160 cm

Type of blood:

A type


Basketball and candy making


Her Latest Release

Fresh : Re : Fresh DVD
20 Dec 2006


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