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The various background colors you see are lifted straight from each senshi's skirt (for all of you future cosplayers) using MS Paint's Color Picker to get the color and it's Color Editor to get the RGB numbers. (This page's default background color is Sailor Moon's skirt.) I had considered using Tuxedo Kamen's black but, I would have to use a new font color and I thought that would make the page too different from the rest.

The various planet symbols (and the bullets) are part of Arial Unicode MS's massive font which far, far exceeds the standard 256 characters that most fonts have. Besides the symbols and the kanji/katakana/hiragana, it has characters for math , science , numerous "dingbats" , box lines and corners ╗, and seemingly every language on Earth, including Arabic ش.

Even though it is a Microsoft created font, both Apple and Netscape both have it so, it will display correctly in all major Macintosh browsers and the Linux version of Netscape.

Make sure you have...

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

... in the <head>.</head> section at the top of your html code. This line of html code will ensure Arial Unicode MS will override the browser's default font settings.

Jr. Idol, also known as U-15 or lowteen, refers to Idols that are 15 years old or younger (usually down to age 12).

Name Order follows the standard Japanese order of family name-given name and follows the exact order of the kanji name.

Name Accuracy comes various sources. The five senshi actresses names come from the hicbc cast page which has superscript "kiddy helper" furagana to help the younger fans who may not have learned the name of the individual kanji, yet. As for the rest, most are either written in romaji in their profiles on an official website or in the URL of a page within their official website. With Shingo's actor, I had to derive from the kanji so, it might be incorrect. :/

Updates occur between 12 midnight and 7 a.m. United States Eastern Time (-5:00 GMT) [the New York City/Toronto Time Zone].

Opps! The secondary font I was using [papyrus.ttf] is included in select Microsoft programs but, is not part of Windows itself. Since some of you could not see the font I intended, I had to change it throughout the website. Fortunately, FrontPage has a global "Find and Replace" command that can quickly fix all of my html code on every page. I changed the Title of the Homepage to Edwardian Script ITC  [Edwardian Script ITC] and the rest to Arial Unicode MS. I, also, noticed a few other font glitches that I am in the middle of fixing.

My Annual Format and re-install of Windows occurred on Saturday 22 November 2003. Doing this allows me to remove the various flaws that accumulate over the year. The downside is it takes me nearly a week to get everything re-installed and tweaked and patched. The upside is I found the font glitches as described in Note ➆ above.

Well, I got myself both Microsoft® Windows XP Professional (for it's ability to directly input kanji into almost any program I use) and Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003 for its new designer friendly revamping, its cleaner code, and its ability to preview web pages in a variety of browsers and screen resolutions.

   By the way, the correct width for a background image at 600x800 is 760 pixels to avoid the bottom left-to-right scroll bar. For 1024x768 the width is 955 pixels. These numbers are for IE fully maximized and includes the area taken by the right-hand up and down scroll bar.

I have cleaned up the hyperlink colors on all of the pages except the Komatsu (Venus) Ayaka pages. The custom links colors were needed because the standard blue link bled into the "Moon Blue" background color on the Index, Sawai, and non-senshi pages. Likewise, the standard red "visited" link disappears into the Kitagawa Keiko pages and didn't look that good with the "Moon Blue" pages, either.

   The custom colors are "Fuchsia" and "Venus Orange". The custom colors were not used on Komatsu's pages because Fuchsia does not look good against "Venus Orange" and "visited" links would simply "disappear".

P.S. I only have nine more circled numbers left. After I will have to make them myself somehow.

As you have probably noticed, I have named the site Living the Sailor Dream. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of little Japanese girls dreamed of growing up to be Sailor Moon or one of the other senshi in the early to mid-1990s. Nearly a decade later, little Sawai Miyuu did grow up to "be" Sailor Moon and is today 'living the sailor dream'. Hence the name. I don't know if Naoko-sama was thinking along the same lines or not when she wrote the OP for PGSM. By the way, I can't really imagine anybody really wanting to grow up to be Osaka Naru but, that's neither here nor there. :)

With the July Overhaul, I cut out some dead pages. The Cast News page is gone because Jay or someone on the forum gets and spreads any cast news before I can find it. The Works pages have been de-linked and discontinued. They seemed rather pointless since most of the actresses' works over the last six months have been: PGSM DVDs, PGSM Chara CDs, and their regular appearances in the fashion magazine they work for exclusively, except for Ayaka, and that info is listed in her updated Profile Bio.