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小松 彩夏 Komatsu Ayaka

    Komatsu Ayaka was part of the CANDy fashion magazine stable of models. Her work there led to some small TV and movie work including "Idol-Do". She appeared in the Winter 02/03 "Angel Blue" fashion catalog, as well. All of this preceded her selection as Sailor Venus.

   She did a few controversial swimsuit layouts prior to being selected as one of the four girls for the 2004 edition of Nittelegenic 「日テレジュニック 2004」, an annual group of four girls who help promote various items. As part of her involvement with Nittelegenic, a solo Idol DVD of her 「日テレジェニック2004 小松彩夏 figure A」 was released August 24th of 2004. The other three girls had their own DVDs released on the same day. Another Nittelegenic 2004 solo DVD「女神のChu! 日テレジェニック2004 小松彩夏 Layer Game」[Megami no Chu!] was released on 26 January 2005.

   She was featured on the cover of the manga Young Sunday「ヤングサンデー」with a seven page layout inside. The issue number was 17 [4/7/2005]. She would follow this up with her third photobook 「Summer Date」and her 3rd DVD (and first true solo Idol DVD)「 まさか・・・ 」[masaka...]. From there, she would focus on her acting career.

    She co-starred in the 「 ドリフト 」and「 ドリフト 2 」[Drift and Drift 2] street racing movies similar to Kitagawa Keiko's The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift before starring in the 2006 TV series「ダンドリ娘」[Dandori Musume]. While working on these, she released her most recent photobook Young Sunday's「Moon Doll」in February 2006 in which she appears with her bikini top off, however her "upper assets" are not fully exposed.

   Over the winter of 2006, she went on a major promotional blitz, posing in 20 magazines, ahead of the January 2007 release of her latest DVD 「書を捨てよ、水着になろう!」[Sho wo Suteyo, Mizugi ni Naro].

   Her biography shows an appearance in the Japanese movie 「踊る大捜査線 THE MOVIE 2 ~レインボーブリッジを封鎖せよ!~」[Bayside Breakdown: the Movie 2 - Protect the Rainbow Bridge], the Official English website does not list her as among the many cast members named in the movie, as such, she likely had a very minor appearance.


1986.7.23 (20 years old)  Iwate prefecture


159 cm

Type of blood:

A type


Ping Pong and candy making


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24 Jan 2007

Moon Doll
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20 Feb 2006

Ayaka Komatsu
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14 Oct 2006


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A detailed fansite with Ayaka and Sailor Moon magazine/goods information.

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