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name: yinggirl
birthday: july 24
zodiac: leo


a little welcome sign made by editing a pic

+Comic #1059: Boxing
+Comic #1060: That Damned Assassin
+Comic #1061: The New Enemies
+Comic #1062: So What is a Piece of Eden?
+Comic #1063: Return of the Red Head

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April 20, 2011

More comices, more sprites edits. Sorry this spriting is slow.

friends 4 ever :3


All characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon that are represented in this comic are Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, Kodansha, Toei Animation, DiC, And Cloverway Entertainment. All characters from Megaman and Megaman X series that are represented in this comic are CAPCOM. We do not plan to sell or make any money in this. This is only for entertainment purposes alone. YingGirl, on the other hand is by the creator herself.