Notes and Supplementary Information

- Anime: The animated Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn continuity.

- Manga: The graphic novel Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn continuity.

- The word character may be used in two different ways in this article. Depending on the context, character may refer to a written symbol that represents a word or sound in a writing system. In other cases, character may refer to an individual from Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn or classical mythology. Whenever I use that word, I try to be clear about the intended meaning.

- Hiragana: The Japanese syllabic script that is used primarily to write grammatical words and elements.

- Katakana: The Japanese syllabic script that is used primarily to write Western loan words, non-Japanese proper names (except for Chinese and Korean names), and onomatopoeic Japanese words.

- Kanji: The Chinese characters that are used to write the core of the Japanese vocabulary.

- Furigana: The small characters that are placed along the top or the side of kanji to indicate their pronunciation.

- Here are some very good sites that mention the Greek word Amazones:

1. AMAZONS, Greek Mythology Link: This site shows the word Amazones written in Greek letters.

2. Greek-English Lexicon - Amazon: The entry says, "mostly in pl. Amazones, hai, the Amazons, a warlike race of women in Scythia, Il., Hdt., etc."

3. A Latin Dictionary - Amazon: The Romans borrowed Amazones and used it in their own language.

4. In French, the phrase les Amazones means "the amazons."

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