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     Each of the five Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Original Picture Collections contains an “All-Character” picture section that shows all of the main characters who appear in the represented era of the manga story.  The picture sections were used for the popularity polls in the Japanese-language Nakayoshi magazine.  The “All-Character” picture sections include the names of the characters in the Japanese script.  They also provide interesting and obscure information about those names.  For example, the “All-Character” section in the Original Picture Collection, Volume III shows that when Kaolinite dresses as a human, she uses the surname Kuromine.

     These guides to the “All-Character” sections show lists of the names of the characters.  The names are written in the Japanese script and in Roman letters.  The guides also include scans of the “All-Character” sections.  Those scans came from the Web site Manga StyleManga Style also offers translations of some of the Original Picture Collections.

     Names written in the Japanese script are the Gojon-jun order and the names written in Roman letters are in alphabetical order.

From Volume I
From Volume II

From Volume III
From Volume IV
From Volume V

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