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     The Mugen (Infinite) series of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga and the S series of the anime continuity introduce characters who call themselves the Death Busters.  My Witches 5 Etymology article concerns just the Witches 5: Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Viluy, Cyprine and Ptilol.  (There are five names there, but Cyprine and Ptilol are considered to be one of the Witches 5.)  This article, however, explains the names of the other members of the Death Busters.  It also contains images and incomprehensive descriptions of those characters.

Professor Sichi Tomoe and Germatoid
[ Tomoe Sichi Kyju & Gerumatoido]

     Sichi Tomoe is a scientist and he has one known daughter named Hotaru ( Hotaru).  (Hotaru is really the reincarnated Sailor Saturn, the soldier of ruin and silence.)  Sichi’s wife died several years before Chibi Usa and her friends meet Hotaru.  The manga tells us that Sichi’s wife was named Keiko ( Keiko), and she was 32 when she died.  Unfortunately, the anime does not tell us how Sichi’s wife died.  It also does not tell us her name.  (It may also be Keiko.)

     The Materials Collection states that Professor Tomoe is about 35 years old.  We learn that his specialty is genetic engineering.  He desires to create beings called super creatures in the manga.  In the past, he continually repeated his genetic experiments on animals, and he was rejected by the scientific community.  In short, he was a mad scientist.  When Hotaru was eight years old, there was a fire in the Mugen (Infinite) district where the buildings were still under construction.  (Professor Tomoe’s laboratory and house were there because he bought up that area.)  This wife Keiko was killed, and Hotaru was in critical condition.  The Professor reconstructed his daughter’s body using cybernetics.  After Kaori Kuromine came along to help the Tomoe family, a bolt of lightning from the beings of the Tau Galaxy blasted her.  The Death Busters came to Earth carrying eggs from another world.  One egg was placed into Hotaru’s body.  Professor Tomoe also created the Witches 5 and he later refers to them as beautiful, perfect beings.  His daughter sometimes experience seizures, so he gives her smaller versions of the Death Busters’ Tioron Crystal.  Those small versions, which he calls amulets, are intended to alleviate the pain that Hotaru experiences.  Professor Tomoe still works on his super creature experiments, but most of the subjects become failed Daimones.  When (Super) Sailor Moon confronts Professor Tomoe, he turns into a super creature (which is really just a very ugly monster) that he named Germatoid.  Sailor Moon destroys that monster.

     In the anime, we can see a flashback scene that shows us how Professor Tomoe and his daughter Hotaru become associated with the Death Busters.  Four years before Hotaru meets Chibi Usa, Professor Tomoe had his daughter with him when he was working on his DNA machine.  That machine exploded and only Professor survived.  He lamented his daughter’s death, and a mysterious being (who is later identified as Germatoid) appeared in front of him.  That being offered to help the Professor and his daughter as long as they accept its conditions.  Tomoe commands the being to save Hotaru, but he also said that he did not care about himself.  The being assumed that Tomoe would not mind if it took over his body, so it did just that.  (Many Web sites claim that this exchange between the characters was a deal, but we do not even know Germatoid’s conditions.  How could Tomoe agree to those conditions?)  Another evil being was placed inside Hotaru’s body so that it could eventually awaken as Mistress 9.  The possessed Professor’s laughter is more amusing than menacing.

     When the Death Busters are looking for the Pure Hearts that contain the Talismans, Professor Tomoe uses Kaolinite as his assistant.  He prepares Daimon eggs that eventually help create Daimones.  He also listens to he possessed Hotaru, the Messiah of Silence, in her throne room.  After Mistress 9 fully awakens, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune confront the possessed Professor.  Germatoid leaves the Professor’s body.  Sailor Uranus uses one attack to ruin the body of the monster.  Pieces of its body crawl into the white puppets that surround the two sailor soldiers.  Uranus and Neptune eventually win, and the Professor (who is no longer possessed) looks for his daughter.  Unfortunately, he does not remember the times when he was possessed.  The deceitful Mistress 9 makes him think that the Holy Grail will help her.  She takes the Holy Grail, but she receives a blast from Master Pharaoh 90.  The Professor holds Mistress 9 in his arms and thinks that his daughter is back.  Mistress 9 returns, but Hotaru eventually uses the memories of her loved ones to destroy Mistress 9.  After the battle with Pharaoh 90, Tomoe is reunited with his daughter.  (Hotaru was reborn as a baby.)  Tomoe returns in the Sailor Stars series.  Setsuna somehow managed to make Tomoe let her take his daughter.  Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru take care of the young Hotaru together.

     The Professor’s full name contains four kanji: .  The to means earth1 (the element) or soil, the moe means to sprout or to germinate2, the s means originate3, and the ichi means one4.  His personal name may have something to do with the fact that he is the creator of the super creature Germatoid in the manga.

     Germatoid’s name probably has something to do with the moe (to sprout or to germinate) element of Professor Tomoe’s name.  The plant-like form that Germatoid has in the anime may also be related to the meaning of that kanji.  The biological term germatic5 was created on the analogy of spermatic.  There is a term spermatoid (which is related to spermatic), so the analogous version of germatic would be germatoid.

[ Kaorinaito]

     The manga version of Kaolinite holds the Death Busters’ title of Magus.  When an individual has reached the position to use that title, he or she can use the powers of the Tioron Crystal.  (That crystal seems to be the Tau Galaxy’s version of Sailor Moon’s crystal.)  The individual can also communicate directly with Master Pharaoh 90.  Eudial and the other witches wish to reach that position.  When Kaolinite is in Professor Tomoe’s house, she usually uses the name Kaori Kuromine ( Kuromine Kaori).  When she is in the Death Busters’ holy sanctuary, she uses the name Kaolinite.  The holy sanctuary contains a pool that Kaolinite uses to see what is happening in different places.  Kaolinite, as Kaori, has been helping the Tomoe family ever since Hotaru’s mother died.   Hotaru does not like her father’s assistant at all.  She says that that Kaori has ingratiated herself onto the Professor.  She also thinks that Kaori should know her place.  Sometime after the accident in the Mugen (Infinite) Zone, Professor was working on his biggest experiment.  The beings from the Tau Galaxy came to Earth.  They strike Kaori with a bolt of lightning and her eyes begin to glow.  (Perhaps Kaolinite was not always evil.)  By the time Sailor Moon and her friends learn of the Death Busters, Kaolinite knows about the sailor soldiers.  When the heroes get inside the Mugen School building, Kaolinite cast spells on wax figures of the sailor soldiers.  She also creates artificial copies of the dead Witches 5 (they are wax figures, too.)  Sailor Moon destroys the copies of the Witches 5 and eventually fights Kaolinite.  Kaolinite turns into a Daimon to attack Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon destroys the Daimon by using her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

     Kaolinite also works as Professor Tomoe’s assistant in the anime.  She looks around for the Pure Hearts with the Professor’s Daimones.  We eventually learn that she usually treats Hotaru badly.  In episode 102, the sailor soldiers use their powers to destroy Kaolinite.  She falls off Tokyo Tower.  Unfortunately, the Professor somehow revives the evil woman.  (Exactly how he does it is not explained.)  Kaolinite comes back and uses the name Kaori.  (The name Kaori Kuromine does not appear in the anime sources.)  She is often seen around the Professor, and it becomes obvious that she likes him very much.  Kaolinite eventually changes herself back into her old form.  Her outfit also changes.  (She wears a red dress for most of the S season, but she later wears a black outfit.)  Shortly after Mistress 9 fully awakens, she kills of Kaolinite.  Kaolinite is no longer seen as useful.

     Ms. Takeuchi has a habit of naming some of her characters after minerals and rocks.  (It has been reported that she loves jewelry.)  Kaolinite, the member of the Death Busters, got her name from a type of mineral named Kaolinite6.  (The picture on the right shows a Kaolinite mineral specimen.)  Some of suggested that her name is a pun on “Kaoli Knight” or “Kaoli Night.”  However, the character is not particularly associated with knights or nights enough to make such puns funny or clever.  Although some of the characters refer to Kaolinite as Kaori (), the katakana character combination that represents Kaolinite’s name is not broken up as Kaori Naito in the anime and manga sources.  The Kaori part of the Japanese name that Kaolinite uses in the manga, Kaori Kuromine ( Kuromine Kaori), is related to her real name.  The surname’s Kuro means black7, and the mine means peak8.  In the manga, Kaolinite has the title Magus, which is a magician9.  Since she is a woman, it would have been better if she had the title Maga.  (For some reason, Kaolinite has been given the title Magnus in the Tokyopop version of the manga.  Magnus means large in Latin10.)

     Kaolinite’s Tioron Crystal apparently got its name from Tioron, who is a spirit mentioned in the list that is included in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Book II11.  The mage theme is appropriate since magus and mage are related terms.

Mistress 9
[ 9 Misutoresu 9]

     An evil being who is associated with the Death Busters possesses Hotaru Tomoe in the anime and manga.  When that being finally awakens, it uses Hotaru’s body as its own and calls itself Mistress 9.  Mistress 9’s body looks like an adult version of Hotaru’s body.  (For the sake of simplicity, this character description uses “she” and her” when referring to Mistress 9 in the adult human body that the being uses.)  She is physically attractive, but she is also evil and frightening.  One can easily see the contrast between the wicked Mistress 9 and the gentle Hotaru.

     In the manga, Professor Tomoe worked to reconstruct Hotaru’s body after the accident in the Mugen (Infinite) Zone.  Not long after that, the beings from the Tau Galaxy came to Earth carrying eggs from another world.  Tomoe apparently placed one of those eggs into the body of Hotaru.  Mistress 9 fully awakens after she takes the Silver Crystal and soul of Chibi Usa.  She also takes the souls of Sailors Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.  Hotaru’s spirit is somewhere in Mistress 9’s body.  Hotaru decides to take out the souls of the sailor soldiers and the Silver Crystal.  The three soldiers of the outer Solar System make a force field, but Mistress 9 does not seem to be worried about it.  Hotaru manages to get the souls and the crystal out of Mistress 9’s body.  She brings Chibi Usa’s crystal back to her, but a being begins to rip itself out of the body.  The sailor soldiers attack the monster, but it does not seem to be affected.  After the Tau Galaxy appears in a rip in the sky, the monster shoots out an inky, evil blackness onto the ground.  Sailor Moon goes into that blackness in order to open the powers of the Holy Grail and the Silver Crystal inside of it.  The monster lies in the darkness until its body swirls and disappears.  (That monster is not Master Pharaoh 90 because it mentions how it is Pharaoh 90’s partner.  Master Pharaoh 90 does not have a mouth, but this monster has a very ugly-looking mouth.)  After the monster is gone, Sailor Saturn appears.  We never see that monster again, so the appearance of Sailor Saturn is what eliminates it.

     The Death Busters refer to Mistress 9 and the possessed version of Hotaru as the Messiah of Silence in the anime.  When the Messiah of Silence has the Holy Grail, she will use it to destroy the world.  Many fans think that Sailor Saturn is the Messiah of Silence because Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna assume that idea is true before Mistress 9 fully awakens.  Even before Mistress 9 appears, the being inside Hotaru has some control over its host.  There are periods when Hotaru blacks out and becomes unable to control her body.  Sometimes the possessed Hotaru sits on the Messiah of Silence throne and gives Professor Tomoe his orders.  After the possessed Hotaru swallows Chibi Usa’s Pure Heart, Mistress 9 finally appears.  We realize now that Sailor Saturn is not the Messiah of Silence.  Mistress 9 pretends to be Hotaru, but Sailor Moon eventually learns that Hotaru is not really Hotaru.  Mistress 9 reveals herself to Sailor Moon.  She also calls herself a life form from “another dimension.”  Later, Mistress 9 does succeed in getting Sailor Moon to give her the Holy Grail.  The wicked woman pushes the Holy Grail into the dimensional portal machine so that the power of the object can lead Pharaoh 90 to Earth.  Pharaoh 90 attacks her, however, and she loses strength.  Professor Tomoe holds Mistress 9 in his arms while thinking that his daughter is finally back.  Mistress 9 comes back, but the spirit of Hotaru uses the memories of her loved ones to eliminate Mistress 9 for good.

     Mistress often refers to feminine version of master12.  However, the word can also refer to a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man.  In Mistress 9’s case, the Mistress part of her name has more do to with the feminine version of master.  (There is a Master in her master’s name.)  Unfortunately, the characters in the anime and manga do not explain the significance of the 9 part of Mistress 9’s name.

Master Pharaoh 90
[ 90 Masut Farao 90]

     The Death Busters in the anime and manga consider a powerful and destructive sentient alien creature named Master Pharaoh 90 as their master.  We do not even know if “he” really has a gender, but we may refer to him as a “he” for the sake of simplicity.  The manga and anime versions of the master have different physical appearances and goals.

     Master Pharaoh 90 wishes to assimilate Earth and make the planet the new home of the Death Busters in the manga.  The master’s old home is the Tau Galaxy.  Some translations make him refer to the Death Busters themselves as the Omega Area.  It is clear that the name Omega Area refers to the area that the Death Busters consider the sacred land: Tokyo’s Mugen (Infinite) Zone.  The master’s underlings collect the souls of the sacrificed victims (hostie) so that the bodies of the creatures can be used as vessels for the monsters known as Daimones.  Exactly how Master Pharaoh 90 appears on Earth is not fully explained.  (Perhaps he has been on Earth for a long time, or perhaps he arrives on Earth when the monster from Mistress 9’s body shoots out that evil blackness.)  He is on the planet after Sailor Saturn awakens and eliminates the monster that was using the body of Mistress 9.  Master Pharaoh 90 appears as an amorphous mass with just two glassy eyes.  Fortunately, the master does not get a chance to assimilate Earth.  Sailor Saturn attacks him with her Death Reborn Revolution and his energy drains away.  He is unaffected even when Sailor Saturn unleashes her world-destroying power.  After Saturn begins to lead him toward the rip in the sky that shows the Tau Galaxy, she commands Sailor Pluto to close that rip.  Pluto performs her Dark Dome close, which seals Sailor Saturn along with the monster.  Pharaoh 90 never attempts to attack Earth again.  Later, we learn that he was really a form of Chaos, an evil creature that has taken control of the Galaxy Cauldron at the center of the galaxy.

     The anime version of Master Pharaoh 90 and his followers wish to bring about the Era of Silence on Earth.  If those enemies are successful, Earth will become a world of silence and darkness.  According to the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anima Album II, Pharaoh 90 in the manga is an energy life form from “another dimension.”  The master first appears as a swirling mass with a bright, red light in the center.  Later, he is a floating ball with tentacles.  Sailor Moon uses her power against him, but he directs that power back at her.  After Mistress 9 takes the Holy Grail, she pushes it into the machine that will lead Master Pharaoh 90 to Earth.  She becomes weakened after a blast from the master hits her.  Pharaoh 90 appears on Earth through the machine.  (That means the machine creates a doorway to Tau Galaxy and is not merely a model of that galaxy and the cosmos.)  Later, Sailor Saturn appears after the spirit of Hotaru destroys Mistress 9.  Sailor Saturn appears before Sailor Moon and says that she will be the one who will defeat the enemy.  Sailor Moon does not have the power to penetrate the barrier that is around Pharaoh 90.  Sailor Saturn suggests that the power of Super Sailor Moon might be able to get through, but the Holy Grail is gone.  Saturn jumps past the barrier and into Pharaoh 90.  She begins to attack the enemy.  Sailor Moon attempts to become Super Sailor Moon, but is no good.  Eventually, a miracle happens after the sailor soldiers give some of their power to Sailor Moon.  The heroine becomes Super Sailor Moon and goes in to save Sailor Saturn.  Sailor Saturn uses her power of ruin to defeat Pharaoh 90 and his evil power disappears.  (Sailor Saturn apparently unleashes enough power to destroy the monster.  She also dies somehow.  The anime sources do not tell us that Sailor Saturn performs Death Reborn Revolution in the anime.)  Super Sailor Moon comes out with the baby Hotaru in her hands.

     It should be understood that Master Pharaoh 90 is not a galaxy.  The galaxy that we see in the anime and manga is the Tau Galaxy.  (Some people call it the Tau Star System, but English-speaking people refer that kind of star system as a galaxy.)  The thing that Viluy shows to Ami in both continuities is simply a model of the universe ( hakoniwa uch) that shows the Tau Galaxy.

     Since Master Pharaoh 90 is the master of the Death Busters, there is no doubt about the origin of the Master part of his name.  Pharaoh refers to a ruler of ancient Egypt and to a tyrant13.  The Pharaoh in Master Pharaoh 90’s name is more relevant to the tyrant definition of pharaoh. Pharaoh came from the ancient Egyptian phrase , which means great house14.  Unfortunately, the characters in the anime and manga do not explain the significance of the 90 in their master’s name.

[ Daimn]

     Daimon eggs in the manga are placed into the soulless bodies of the creatures on Earth.  The Death Busters sacrifice the souls of the creatures to Master Pharaoh 90.  The eggs are supposed to grow into full-grown Daimones inside the bodies (and the victim cannot be saved), but most of the Daimones are failures.  Kaolinite and the Witches 5 have the power to use the Daimones.

     There are Daimon eggs in the anime, but they are not usually planted into living things.  Most of them are fused into inanimate objects to create Daimones that serve the Death Busters.  They come in many different forms.  Some eggs break open and let out a generic spirit of a monster after the Daimon is defeated.  Other defeated Daimones have eggs break open and release cormorant spirits.  The Daimones look for the Pure Hearts.  At first, the Pure Hearts are taken in order to find the three Talismans.  Later, the Pure Hearts are taken so that they can be used as food for the Messiah of Silence.  (The cormorant-spirit Daimones have the ability to ingest those Pure Hearts.  They can release the objects later.)  My A List of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Anime "Monsters of the Days" list shows the names of all the Daimones in the anime.

     In ancient Greek, (daimon) refers to a deity, a tutelary genius, a spiritual or semi-divine being, or an evil spirit15.  (The Greek plural form of daimon is [daimones].)  That term came into Latin and took the spelling daemon16.  English also uses the spellings daemon and daimon, but demon is more common.

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