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     Sailor Galaxia and her followers appear in the Sailor Stars series of the anime and manga continuities.  My The Sailor Anima-Mates article concerns the characters who are members of the Sailor Anima-Mates: Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Seirn, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko, and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon (who appears in only the manga).  This article explains the names of Sailor Galaxia and the characters in the anime and manga who are associated with her.  It also contains images and incomprehensive descriptions of those characters.

Sailor Galaxia and Chaos
[ Sr Gyarakushia & Kaosu]

     In the manga, Sailor Galaxia rules a horrific empire named the Shadow Galactica (meaning Shadow of the Galaxy or Galactic Shadow).  Sailor Galaxiaís empire, in the anime and manga, consists of much of our galaxy.  The anime itself does not mention the name Shadow Galactica, but the anime-relevant song named Golden Queen Galaxia does.  The actress who sings the song, Mitsuko Horie, also plays the part of Sailor Galaxia in the anime.  Naoko Takeuchi herself wrote the song, there is no indication that the song is relevant to the manga continuity.  Ms. Takeuchi also wrote the lyrics for the song Route Venus, which only appears in the anime.  So a song can relate to the anime even if Ms. Takeuchi wrote it.  The Golden Queen Galaxia CD cover shows an anime image of Galaxia.  Furthermore, Shadow Galactica is also the name of a piece of music that actually plays during the anime.  The musicís description in the Sailor Stars Music Collection uses anime-specific information.  (We are told that Sailor Galaxia is the queen of the Shadow Galactica.)  It is not unreasonable to think that the musicians got their information from the animators themselves.

     The manga version of Sailor Galaxia wants to take specifically the Sailor Crystals (the crystalline starseeds) of the soldiers in the galaxy in order to become the ruler of space.  Her other mission is to find a planet that she can call her own.  She already has the Saffer Crystal, which supposedly is the most destructive Sailor Crystal in the galaxy.  She takes Mamoruís Golden Crystal, but she also wants (Eternal) Sailor Moonís Silver Moon Crystal.  (According to Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Moon carries the strongest Sailor Crystal in the galaxy.)  Later, Sailor Moon confronts the evil versions of her allies (the eight planetary sailor soldiers and Tuxedo Mask) in front of Galaxia's palace.  She ends up destroying the bodies of her female allies, but she does not attempt to harm Tuxedo Mask.  When Sailor Galaxia offers the monster Chaos Sailor Moon at the Galaxy Cauldron, Chaos blasts Sailor Galaxia off the cliff.  Sailor Moon takes Sailor Galaxiaís hand.  Sailor Galaxia later reaches out to Sailor Moon and says that she found her planet.  Unfortunately, she does not get to enjoy her new planet because her bracelets break and she dies.

     Sailor Galaxiaís anime counterpart is said to be the greatest sailor soldier in the galaxy.  Long ago, she trapped Chaos inside her body.  She began to become evil since Chaos was inside her.  At one point, she sent her starseed (the Light of Hope) to the far reaches of the galaxy.  She began to collect the galaxyís special starseeds.  At the beginning of the Stars series, she makes Nehellenia want revenge on Sailor Moon and her friends.  Nehelleniaís intervention leads to the reawakening of Sailor Saturn.  After Sailor Moon and the others help Nehellenia, Sailor Galaxiaí minions begin to look for the special starseeds on Earth.  Sailor Galaxia probably already knows where those starseeds are, but she still makes the Sailor Anima-Mates go through the trouble of looking for them.  During the final battle between a Galaxia-Chaos hybrid and Sailor Moon, the little girl who is called Chibi Chibi tells us that she is the Light of Hope.  The Light of Hope becomes a starseed and then becomes a sword.  Sailor Moon eventually finds the courage to use the sword and injures her enemy.  However, the hybrid breaks the sword and Chibi Chibiís power fades out.  Sailor Moon vows never to give up.  She tells us that she knows about the small hope that is left in Galaxiaís heart.  She holds the hybridís hand, and Chaos leaves Galaxiaís body.  Chaos is returning to its rightful place: the hearts of everyone.  The good Galaxia thanks Sailor Moon, and she leaves with the starseeds so that she can attempt to fix what she ruined.  Fortunately, Sailor Moonís friends come back, and things go back to how they were.

     In the manga, Sailor Cosmos fights a strong enemy named Sailor Chaos in the distant future.  There is a picture of Sailor Chaos, but she looks like a darkened version of Sailor Galaxia.  The Materials Collection states that Sailor Galaxia becomes Sailor Chaos, but we never see that happen in the story.  Sailor Chaos is not mentioned at all in the anime.  The Galaxia-Chaos hybrid who appears in episode 200 does not have the name Sailor Chaos.

     There is a connection between the name Galaxia and the term galaxy, but it is not certain why Ms. Takeuchi decided to use the name Galaxia.  Perhaps Ms. Takeuchi was thinking of the Spanish term galaxia, which means galaxy1.  Incidentally, some of the ancient Greeks used the phrase (galaxias kuklos, which means milky circle) to refer to the Milky Way galaxy2.  In the manga, Sailor Galaxia and her followers use the term Galactica in the names of the special maneuvers.  Galactica is the feminine nominative singular form of galacticus, which is a New Latin term that means galactic3.

     In classical Greek mythology, Chaos () was the void that came into being before anything else4.  Some writers thought that Chaos really came from Mist.  (They say that Mist was actually the first thing to exist.)  Other writers thought that Chaos was not a void, but a mass of unordered things.  (Even English-speaking people today use chaos to refer to a state of disorder5.)  Ms. Takeuchi might have intended Sailor Chaosí battle with Sailor Cosmos in the distant future to be a representation of the struggle between disorder (Greek: [khaos]) and order (Greek: [kosmos])6.

Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi
[ Sr Fai & Sr Kai]

     Sailor Phiís and Sailor Chiís names can also appear as Sailor and Sailor , respectively.  (The is not supposed to be the Latin letter X.  This article usually writes their names as Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi to avoid the confusion between the Greek and Latin letters.)  Phi and Chi appear only in the manga.  They call themselves the Star Gardeners.  They gather Sailor Crystals into the large Garden Crystals that are in Star Garden.  Sailor Phi tells us that the Sailor Anima-Mates are her underlings.  (Phi and Chi are not members of the Sailor Anima-Mates.  Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, who calls herself the last of the Sailor Anima-Mates, introduces herself to Sailor Moon and her friends before Phi and Chi introduce themselves to the heroes.)  Phi also has a maneuver named Galactica Plants Blizzard.  It is important to note that Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi are not shown to have Sailor Crystals themselves.  However, nobody suggests that they are not real sailor soldiers.  In act 49, Sailor Moon manages to draw her power toward Sailor Phiís bracelet and the evil sailor soldier dies.  Sailor Chi becomes upset and she impales Sailor Kakyu with her staff.  Sailor Moon uses her power to defeat the other evil sailor soldier.

     The Greek alphabet contains two letters that have the names Phi and Chi.  Phi is the twenty-first letter, and Chi is the twenty-second letter7.  Unfortunately, the manga story does not explain why the two characters have the names Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi.  However, one may make a link between the sequence of those two letters in the Greek alphabet and the order of appearance and disappearance of those two characters.  Sailor Phi appears in the story before Sailor Chi does.  Furthermore, Sailor Moon destroys Sailor Phi before she destroys Sailor Chi.

Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne
[ Sr Rete & Sr Munemoshune]

     Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne appear in a picture that covers the last page of act 47 in volume 17.  We get to know more about them in act 48.  Sailor Lethe guarded the river of oblivion on the planet Lethe, and Sailor Mnemosyne guarded the river of memory on the planet Mnemosyne.  (They refer to their planets as stars, but their planets do not resemble stars like the Sun.  They are humans, so they would not be able to live on an actual star.)  Their planets were small and poor.  It was chaotic with fights that never ended.  Sailor Galaxia came to the planets and made them planets of death and silence.  Lethe and Mnemosyne had no choice but to join Sailor Galaxiaís empire.

     Nothing in the manga suggests that Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne are members of the Sailor Anima-Mates.  Only three characters are specifically identified as members of the Sailor Anima-Mates: Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko, and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.  Their most prominent features are their animal outfits, so the Anima part of the name Sailor Anima-Mates is logically shortened version of Animal.  (The term anima might also have been meant, but the anima theme is not as prominent as the animal theme is.)  Those three characters appear close to Sailor Iron Mouse and Sailor Aluminum Seirn in the All Characters section of the Original Picture Collection V.  All five of them have names that follow a particular pattern.  There are terms in their names that have to do with metals and animals.  (A siren is an animal-like creature in classical mythology.)  Sailor Lead Crow calls herself the third of the Sailor Anima-Mates not long after Sailor Phi apologizes to Sailor Galaxia for the failures of Sailor Iron Mouse and Sailor Aluminum Seirn.  In that context, Mouse would be the first of the Sailor Anima-Mates, and Seirn would be the second of that group.  Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne do not wear animal outfits, and their names have nothing to do with metals and animals, so they do not fit in with the Sailor Anima-Mates.

     Sailor Lethe believes that if there is a lasting victory to the war, and Sailor Galaxia unites the galaxy, things will be all right (there will be peace and happiness).  She also has been lead to believe that Sailor Moon and the Silver Moon Crystal are the causes of war.  Moreover, she says that as long as Sailor Moon lives, the wars will not end.  Lethe manages to get Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi, the Sailor Starlights, and Kakyu into her river of oblivion.  She also brings Artemis, Luna, and Diana (who have been struck dumb), and she destroys their bodies right in front of Sailor Moon.  Eventually, Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi escape the river.  Sailor Mnemosyne (who seems to be less aggressive than Lethe is) appears and attempts to stop her partner.  She also revives Kakyu by giving her water from the river of memory.  Kakyu tells Lethe that there is no peace and happiness with Sailor Galaxia.  Lethe still stubbornly wishes to destroy Sailor Moon, but she does not get a chance to do that.  Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi appear nearby and destroy the bodies of Lethe, Mnemosyne, and the Sailor Starlights.  Those two characters later place the Sailor Crystals of the five sailor soldiers inside the Garden Crystal in Galaxiaís palace.

     Some ancient Greek writers said that there were five rivers in Hades, which was the realm of the dead8.  Lethe () was the river of oblivion or forgetfulness.  (In ancient Greek, lethe means oblivionStyx was the river of hate; Acheron was the river of woe; Phlegethon was the river of fire; and Cocytus was the river of lamentation.)  The souls of the dead would drink from the river in order to forget what happened during the times when they were alive.  Some writers believed that Lethe was also a goddess and personification of forgetfulness9.  She was supposedly a daughter of Eris (the personification of strife).  Her opposite was Mnemosyne (), the goddess and personification of memory.  Mnemosyne was the mother of the Muses10.  According to Orphism (a Greek religious movement), there was a body of water associated with memory named Mnemosyne11.  Its water had to do with the end of the transmigration of the soul.

     In classical Attic Greek, the letter Theta () represents the t and h sounds in the English term hothouse when spoken rapidly12.  The katakana characters Rete represent the classical Greek pronunciation of Lethe.  The Mu () in (Mnemosyne) is not silent is classical Greek.  Moreover, the Upsilon () in that language sounds like the German Ł.  The katakana characters Munemoshune represent the classical Greek pronunciation of Mnemosyne.

[ Fji]

     When the Sailor Anima-Mates (Iron Mouse, Aluminum Seirn, Lead Crow, and Tin Nyanko) find the people they think are carries of the special starseeds in the anime, they pull out the starseeds to see whether they continue to shine or not.  If the starseeds do not continue to shine, they turn dark.  Soon, those people become monsters called phages.  Most of the phages are sailor soldier versions of the affected people.  (They are not real sailor soldiers, of course.)  The Sailor Starlights claim that a person who has been changed into a phage cannot be saved, but Sailor Moon manages to use her powers to change the monsters back into people.  My A List of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Anime "Monsters of the Days" list contains the names of all the phages in the anime.

     The term phage is short for bacteriophage13, which refers to a virus that infects certain bacteria.  Phage can also be a suffix that means one that eats.  The monsters in the anime Sailor Stars series may be called Phages because the evil energy swallows the innocent people before they are turned into monsters.

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