Ian Andreas Miller.  5 May 2002.

     It has been said that Sailor Pluto has a crush on King Endymion in the Black Moon series of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga.  The usual word that is used is crush, but it was obvious that the word is their nudge-nudge-wink-wink way of saying that Sailor Pluto romantically loves her king.  Those fans may be right in saying that Sailor Pluto loves her king romantically, but another word could be used to describe Sailor Pluto’s admiration for her king.

     Lately, some fans have decided to use other words to show that Pluto loves her king romantically.  Unfortunately, those new words are not any more appropriate than the word crush.  Many fans say that Sailor Pluto has “feelings for King Endymion.”  That is a tautology.  The statement is so vague and vacuous that if someone says that it is not true, then it would sound as if he or she is claiming that Sailor Pluto does not care about the king.  In that case, those who disagree with you would have to use different definitions for “has feelings for” in order to make your objection seem absurd.  The statement does not even bother to explain what that phrase is supposed to mean.  Sailor Pluto has feelings for him?  Well, of course she does!  Since Sailor Pluto serves the royal family (King Endymion, Neo Queen Serenity, and Princess Small Lady Serenity), and she cares for their safety, the phrase “has feelings for” would apply to her however you wish to define it.

     Sailor Pluto rarely smiles.  At one point in the manga, she smiles at her king.  Chibi Usa tells us that before that time, Sailor Pluto smiled only at her.  Supposedly, Sailor Pluto’s smiling at her king indicates that she loves him romantically.  Later, Sailor Pluto smiles at Diana and Usagi.  So, what does that prove that Sailor Pluto’s smile indicates that she loves her king romantically?  If a smile indicates that she loves someone romantically, then does that mean she loves all of those other people, too?  If not, then it takes more than just a smile to indicate that she loves someone romantically.

     Some fans make it seem that Sailor Pluto’s admiration for King Endymion is necessarily something out of the ordinary.  How do we know that the other sailor soldiers from the thirthieth century do not act similarly around him?  We do not know how the other sailor soldiers from that period would act around him because we do not see them associating much with their king.  Fans should realize that King Endymion is usually the only male character with whom Sailor Pluto is allowed to associate in that part of the manga.  Sailor Pluto often looks at him wistfully, but she also looks at Usagi the same way when she says, “Sailor Moon.  The future Neo Queen Serenity.  You’re what I longed for” (volume seven, page 19).

     Sailor Pluto supposedly says in the manga that there are two kinds of love (romantic love and the apparent sororal love that she has for Chibi Usa), but her situations would not make sense if she did say that.  Before Sailor Pluto dies, she says that Sailor Moon is what she “longed for.”  Would not Sailor Pluto love Sailor Moon in some way?  It would not be romantic love, and it would not be the sororal love that she has for Chibi Usa, either.  She might believe what she says, but human nature really does not work in black and white terms.

     In a flashback, Sailor Pluto tells Chibi Usa that holding and kissing her are not the only ways of expressing love.  Pluto also says that quietly watching over someone from afar is a sort of love. Her statements are ambiguous, which means that they entail more than the “she has a crush on King Endymion” crowd claims.  We need something that tells us that Sailor Pluto really is watching over someone from afar.  Second, we need to figure out who that person is.  Perhaps she is watching over more than one person.  Third, we have to figure out what sort of love she has for that person or for those people.  Love is not just either “we are just friends” or “we are lovers.”  It should be seen more as a spectrum than as a false dichotomy.

     Someone may claim that a certain manga image is supposed to be seen as representation of the “love triangle” among Sailor Pluto, King Endymion, and Neo Queen Serenity.  That would not make sense, however.  The king and queen love each other, but there is no evidence that tells us that either character romantically loves Sailor Pluto.  It is claimed that Sailor Pluto likes Endymion romantically.  However, even if she does like him that way, the situation is not a love triangle because the other characters do not seem to love her back.

     In at least one of the Sera Myu shows, we learn that Sailor Pluto and Queen Beryl both loved Endymion.  It does not make sense to put too much thought into that fact when we are trying to determine whether Sailor Pluto loves King Endymion in the manga because the Sera Myu shows are in their own series of continuities.  Information from the manga may find its way into the Sera Myu shows, but there is information that pertains only to the shows.  What could be true in the shows could be false in the manga and anime.

     Although one could interpret Sailor Pluto’s actions and comments to mean that she loves her king, we need to realize that there are other possibilities.  (In other words, she may love him, but there is no reason to think that is the only logical conclusion we can draw from the evidence in the manga. It is illogical to single out just King Endymion and romantic love arbitrarily.)  What should be understood is that many of the arguments that fans have come up with to prove that Sailor Pluto loves her king romantically have problems.  Unfortunately, some fans make it seem that things are clear-cut in the manga when they are not.  They may say, “Sailor Pluto has an unrequited love for King Endymion.”  We do not have enough evidence to say that she romantically loves specifically King Endymion.  Sailor Pluto’s comment about loving someone from afar and her “Sailor Moon.  The future Neo Queen Serenity.  You’re what I longed for” comment can just as well be interpreted to mean that she also romantically loves her queen.  It is clear, however, that she does not dislike the royal family.

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