Ian Andreas Miller. 26 February 2002.

     Several months ago, I showed in my Debunking The Death Reborn Revolution Myths article that Sailor Saturn, in the manga, does not perform Death Reborn Revolution to destroy the world.  It is unfortunate that many of the popular or supposedly better Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Web sites out there make the claim that the maneuver does such a thing.  How could somebody believe that when the characters specifically and unequivocally explain to us what Sailor Saturn needs to do?  Does not “when she brings down the Silence Glaive, the world will be destroyed” mean exactly that?

     This new article will show that many of the popular ideas about Sailor Saturn’s powers that are shown in the anime are inaccurate or wrong.  It is hoped that, when the reader finishes reading this article, he or she will have a better understanding of what is really known about Sailor Saturn and her special powers.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to know everything about Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  I welcome constructive criticism and helpful comments, but messages that contain comments such as “you think you know everything” will be either harshly responded to or ignored.

Death Reborn Revolution in the Anime?

     The anime sources and the anime itself do not indicate whether Sailor Saturn ever performs Death Reborn Revolution in the anime.

     What does Death Reborn Revolution do in the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga?  In act thirty-three of the manga, Sailor Saturn performs her Death Reborn Revolution maneuver to attack the evil monster called Master Pharaoh 901.  As I have pointed out in my Debunking the Death Reborn Revolution Myths article, the manga does not indicate that the maneuver is not what Sailor Saturn performs to destroy the world.  The characters have been saying all along that, when Sailor Saturn wishes to unleash her world-destroying powers, she simply needs to bring down the Silence Glaive2.  (She brings down the Silence Glaive when she fights with Mastar Pharaoh 90, and there is a picture that shows Earth being affected.  Fortunately, the main characters are not affected.)  Sailor Saturn does not need to recite a three-word incantation to destroy the world.  Death Reborn Revolution may be associated with the kanji that mean death world change.  However, nobody claims that that maneuver can destroy the world, it does not actually destroy the world (as far as we can tell), and the kanji do not literally have to mean that the maneuver destroys the world.  (The kanji that go along with the name of the World Shaking maneuver mean sky world shaking, but we are not shown that the maneuver literally involves the shaking of the sky.  While the kanji that mean sky world can refer to the sky or even to the planet Uranus itself, the kanji that mean death world can refer to Saturn, the planet of the sailor soldier who can bring about death and destruction.)

     Some fans believe that Sailor Saturn also performs Death Reborn Revolution in the anime although the viewers do not get to see her perform it.  She does not say how she intends to attack Master Pharaoh 90, but she does tell Sailor Moon this:

     To destroy Pharaoh 90, you must do so with a single attack from within.  It may be possible for Super Sailor Moon, but now that you don't have the power of the Chalice, you would not even be able to get inside.  This is for me to do.  I am known as the Soldier of Destruction because I have been given the power to destroy whole worlds.  But when I use that power, even I have no escape.3

     So, now we can say that, in the anime, Sailor Saturn does in fact have the ability to destroy a world.  Unfortunately, she does not specifically say how she goes about doing that.  We can also say that the anime differs from the manga in that, in the original version of the manga, when Sailor Saturn destroys the world in act thirty-three, she does manage to escape.  She is okay after she brings down her weapon4!   So, the idea that she cannot escape her world-destroying powers is true only in the anime.

How Does She Destroy the World in the Anime?

     If we want to know what Sailor Saturn needs to do in the anime in order to destroy a world, it would be necessary to consult the official Japanese sources.

     The four passages from the official anime sources that are quoted here are all in Japanese.  Translations have been provided with the Japanese text.  Notice that in each of the four indented sections below, the first paragraph contains the Japanese script, the second paragraph contains the romanization of the Japanese script, and the third paragraph contains the English translation of the Japanese script.

1. From the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anime Album II, page 83:5

Chinmoku no Kama.  Sore wa roddo tomo Tarisuman
to mo chigau, Sr Satn no tame no
buki.  Soshite sono kama wa sekai no inochi o kari toru.

It is the Scythe of Silence.  Different from a rod or the Talismans, it is Sailor Saturn's weapon.  That scythe will reap this world's life.

2. From the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anime Album II, page 98:6

Sairensu Gureibu
Tarisuman ij no chikara o motsu to iu,
Satn no buki.  Sono ki na kama de, kano-
jo wa hitotsu no sekai no inochi o kari toru.......

Silence Glaive
Said to have greater power than any of the talismans, it is Saturn's weapon. With this giant scythe, she will reap this world's life…….

3. From the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anime Album II, page 113:7

Sairensu Gureibu
Sr Satn no motsu buki.  “Chinmoku
no Kama” tte yobareteiru.  Sono kama ga furi-
oro sareru toki, sekai ni shmatsu ga kuru to
iwareru no.......

Silence Glaive
It is the weapon that Sailor Saturn has.  It is called the "Scythe of Silence."  When this scythe is swung down, it is said that this world's end will come.

4. From the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS Movie Memorial Album, page 39:8

Sairensu Gureibu
Sairensu Gureibu wa, wakusei
sono mono o hakai suru hodo no chikara o hi-
meta kyodai na kama.  Furioro sareta to-
ki, sekai ga horobiru to sareteita.

Silence Glaive
It is the Silence Glaive, and within this gigantic scythe is enough power to destroy a planet.  When it [the scythe] is swung down, the world is supposed to be destroyed.

5. From the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS Authoritative Edition, page 31:

Sairensu Gureibu
Satn ga motsu kyodai na kama.  Furioro sa-
reru toki, sekai ga horobiru to sareteiru.

Silence Glaive
Saturn has the huge scythe.  When it [the scythe] swings down, the world is supposed to be destroyed.

     These sources indicate she uses her Silence Glaive to call upon her world-destroying powers.  According to some of those sources, the accepted idea is that Sailor Saturn simply needs to bring down the Silence Glaive to destroy the world in the anime.  We are not told that her bringing down the Silence Glaive has anything to do with a three-word incantation.  We would not find evidence for the notion that she needs to perform her Death Reborn Revolution maneuver without bringing down the Glaive in order to destroy the world.  Moreover, we would not find evidence to support the notion that it is necessary for her to perform Death Reborn Revolution in order to destroy the world.

     In the Stars part of the anime, Sailor Saturn begins to bring down her Silence Glaive to destroy Nehellenia and herself.  However, Sailor Chibi Moon comes along and stops Sailor Saturn before the Silence Glaive can unleash all of its power.  Sailor Saturn's powers do cause an explosion, but it is not powerful enough to kill anyone.  That means Sailor Saturn has to be successful in bringing down her weapon and unleashing her powers in order for the world to be destroyed.  (Someone could argue that Sailor Saturn's power can do something different later, but I have been given no evidence to support that claim.)  Her powers are not all-or-nothing.

     There is a section in the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS Movie Memorial Album that lists (or at least mentions) all the different special maneuvers that the main characters perform in the first four parts of the anime series9.  Some readers may wish to argue that the SuperS movie has little bearing on what actually happens in the main story.  This objection is irrelevant because the section of the book in question does not necessary apply to only the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS movie.  Sailor Venus does not perform her Crescent Beam in the SuperS movie, and yet the list mentions it.

     Unfortunately, there is no entry for her and her powers in that list.  Sailor Saturn, up until the SuperS part of the anime, has not performed any of her maneuvers on screen.  Surely, if Sailor Saturn really did perform Death Reborn Revolution while attacking Master Pharaoh 90 in episode 125, that list would have mentioned it.  The Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anime Album II, which covers that part of the S part, never mentions the name of that maneuver, either.  She could have performed it, but no official source verifies the claim.

     The dictionary section of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn S Nakayoshi Anime Album II (page) explains what Sailor Saturn does when she goes to attack Master Pharaoh 90:

Kakuseishita Satn wa, Farao
90 o mu ni kaesu tame, hitori de ijigen ni totsu-
ny!  Hametsu no chikara o tsukai, Satn jishin
mo shmetsusuru tokoro dattan dakedo, S-
p Sr Satn no chikara ni yotte shmetsu
wa manekare no yo.  Hotaru-chan jishin
wa, akachan kara, yarinaosu koto ni nat-
ta no.

The awakened Saturn rushed alone into the other dimension in order to send Pharaoh 90 into nothingness.  Saturn herself, using the power of destruction, was almost destroyed also, however her demise was avoided by the power of Super Sailor Moon.  Hotaru herself got to start over as an infant.

     Sailor Saturn uses her “power of destruction” to destroy the enemy.  There is no indication that she unleashes all of her world-destroying power by successfully bringing down the Silence Glaive.  The idea that she is successful in bringing down her weapon is not only unnecessary (that “power of destruction” is evidently enough to kill her), but it is also irrelevant because it is not specifically indicated.

     Before we move on, let us examine one more argument.  Yumiko Tanaka of Tsukino Usagi’s Dreamland has decided to call Sailor Saturn’s Death Reborn Revolution maneuver a “Taboo Attack,” and she attempts to explain what she means:

Well, a "Taboo Attack" is any attack that would cause the world or the user great harm, therefore it is only used in extreme situations.  If you notice, a Taboo Attack is any attack never used more then once, because of its great abilty.  Sailor Saturn never uses her "Death Reborn Revolution" attack more then once, because it is only for when there is a GREAT need for it.10

     This definition may strike most people as particularly rigid and inaccurate.  The word taboo has to do with that which is forbidden or excluded from use11.   In other words, if something is not forbidden from use, it cannot be taboo.  If a “Taboo Attack” does not have anything to do with the fact that the user is forbidden to perform that attack, what business do we have calling it a “Taboo Attack,” anyway?  One may assign new and ad hoc definitions to the word taboo, but he or she would be demonstrating a very good example of what is called Humpty Dumpty Language.

     Although a perpetrator’s performing an action that is taboo may lead to his or her punishment (or it may cause the person great harm), it should not be forgotten that the person is in trouble because he or she performed the action.  He or she was forbidden to perform that action, but he or she did it anyway.  If that action was not taboo (forbidden), then he or she should not be punished for performing it.

     Several special maneuvers are never performed more than once.  Sailor Kaky performs her Kinmoku Fusion Tempest only once in the manga12, and Sailor Mercury performs Mercury Aqua Mirage only once in the anime13.  Does that mean that those two maneuvers are “Taboo Attacks”?  Is there a great need for Sailor Kaky to perform her maneuver when when she does?  Is there a great need for Sailor Mercury to perform her maneuver when she does?

     When Sailor Saturn performs her Death Reborn Revolution maneuver in the manga, she is not affected by it in any way14.   Nobody ever tells us that she is forbidden to perform it.  Why, then, should we call it a “Taboo Attack”?  Sailor Uranus and the others may say that it is forbidden for Sailor Saturn to awaken, but where does it say that Sailor Saturn is not allowed to use her powers?  No source tells us that Sailor Saturn is not allowed to use them.  Moreover, in the anime, Sailor Saturn dies when she unleashes her world-destroying powers, but where does it say that she is forbidden to use them?

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