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     We get to know about many sailor soldiers in the various continuities of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn series!  In these lists, the names of the sailor soldiers and related characters are written in Roman letters and in the Japanese script.  One section shows the names of the groups that the series mentions.  Another section shows some of the common misnomers and fan-created names.

     Please note that the Individual Characters list is not called the “Sailor Soldier List” because some of the names that are listed in it do not contain the term Sailor.  In the manga, several of the characters who do have that term in their names are not real sailor soldiers.  The name of a character is in the Individual Characters if at least one of these three statements is true for him or her:

1. The character carries a Sailor Crystal in the manga
2. He or she carries a true starseed in the anime, or
3. He or she has the term Sailor in her name.

     These lists does not include the names of the Phages who appear in the Sailor Stars season of the anime.  Their names are in another one of my lists.

     Many fans claim that Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga, said that only females can be senshi.  However, that claim is inaccurate because she said sr senshi ( sr senshi).  The Japanese word senshi means soldier, fighter, or warrior.  There are many senshi (soldiers, fighters, or warriors) in the series who are male.

     Do Mamoru, Phobos, and Deimos really have Sailor Crystals in the manga?  Find out in the Starseeds and Sailor Crystals section.

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