Ian Andreas Miller. 26 May 2002.


     The well-known Tomb of the Little Known Senshi Web site has been referred to as one of the best places to visit to find information about many of the more obscure characters in the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn anime and manga.  Does that site really contain accurate information, though?  I do not think so because I have noticed that virtually every section at the Tomb contains patent misinformation.  Somebody needs to stand up and debunk the fallacious statements at the Tomb.  I am that somebody, and this Guide shows most of the major errors that the Tomb keeps promoting.

     The Guide often uses the term author, which refers to Tanya Mitchell (also known as Sailor Lethe), who is the author of the Tomb of the Little-Known Senshi Web site.  The term Tomb, of course, refers to that Web site.

     Does the reproduction of Ms. Mitchell's written material violate copyright laws?  It does not because the Stanford article on fair use at fairuse.stanford.edu states that fair use permits “limited reproduction” for such purposes as “criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.”  I am not copying every single word from the Tomb.  When I do reproduce Ms. Mitchell's text, I am doing that to criticize it.  Moreover, I am giving the proper credit.  Therefore, this Guide is not guilty of any copyright infringement.

     Several months ago, I received a message in which Ms. Mitchell attempted to defend the misinformation on her site.  Her message is quite long and her arguments seem rather weak.  She could have used her time to correct the misinformation on her Web site instead of composing such a long message.  Visitors who are interested in knowing what she said should read her message.


     One of the reasons that I created this Guide is that Ms. Mitchell did not attempt to correct the errors on her site.  She had a not-so-great attitude towards her information in her message.  Some fans of the Tomb may create a error guide for my Guide in order to "get back" at me, but that is patently unfair.  Since it is the Tomb that contains a lot of inaccurate information, and Ms. Mitchell did not attempt to correct her errors, I believe I am justified in maintaining this Guide.  Notice that DIES GAUDII and I sedulously avoid inaccurate information, and I am willing to correct any inaccuracies at DIES GAUDII, so my site and behavior is unlike the Ms. Mitchell's site and behavior.  Creating an error guide for DIES GAUDII or my Guide would not make things "even" because of the aforementioned differences in people and sites.

     Ms. Mitchell often spelled the names of some of the characters incorrectly.  The titles of the main sections of the Guide show her own spellings of those names.  Explanations of the misspellings can be found in the relevant sections of the Guide.

     There are no sections for Sailor Pewter Fox and Sailor Theta in the Guide at this time.  They will be added whenever errors are found in the corresponding sections of the Tomb.

     Most of my article provide Sources Cited sections.  The Guide, however, will simply link to its sources.

      Comments and suggestions are welcome.  This Guide will not be removed simply because some people do not like it!

     Some people may say that I include "personal attacks" in the various sections of the Guide.  That is a rather vague statement, however.  Some of my comments may seem insulting, but I avoided ad hominem attacks.  An insult is not necessarily an ad hominem attack.

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