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     Myths: In the BSSM manga continuity, Sailor Saturn performs "Death Ribbon Revolution" to destroy the world. Then, with its power, the world is reborn.

     Refutation:     These are some of the oldest rumors out there. Fans have been making those claims for many years, but nobody has ever tried to provide any substantial evidence for them. It might have something to do with the fact that the evidence in the manga tells us something different. Even Sailor Saturn herself says—and does—something different. This is not a question about whether or not Death Reborn Revolution could have the power to bring the ruin. There's no way to know for sure. To say that it can or can't is arguing from ignorance. The fact is that, just by casually observing what happens in the story, one will see that Sailor Saturn simply does not use her Death Reborn Revolution to destroy the world.

     Before continuing, the name of the maneuver should be explained. Some have argued that it should be "Death Ribbon Revolution" , but the manga specifically shows the characters that spell "Death Reborn Revolution" . (Other sources, such as the BSSM S fighting game for the Super Famicom, do use "Death Ribbon Revolution." Those who are interested in the different versions of the name should go here.) Those words, which are written in Japanese, can be found above five kanji: . When they're written together, these kanji represent the Japanese words shi sekai henkaku, and they mean "death world change" or "death world revolution." The phrase that's expressed in the kanji isn't a literal translation of the English phrase "death reborn revolution." The idea that Sailor Saturn performs this maneuver to destroy the world probably comes from the fact that the first three kanji really do mean "death world." However, the kanji combination that is associated with a maneuver name does not have to describe literally what the maneuver does. The kanji that are associated with "World Shaking" mean "sky world shaking," but the maneuver does not seem to make the sky world shake. The only significant thing that the "Death Reborn Revolution" maneuver is shown to do is attack Pharaoh 90. The ribbon-like projectiles that appear when Sailor Saturn performs "Death Reborn Revolution" are not shown to affect Earth significantly. Sailor Moon, the other sailor soldiers, and Tuxedo Mask do not indicate that they are concerned about the ribbons from the "Death Reborn Revolution" maneuver affecting Earth. The soldiers of the outer Solar System are concerned about Sailor Saturn bringing down the Silence Glaive.

     Regardless of how the name is spelled, the anime and manga are quite clear about what Sailor Saturn needs to do to bring about the ruin. All she needs to do is awaken and bring down the Silence Glaive. Since Sailor Saturn is shown to perform the Death Reborn Revolution maneuver only in the manga, the evidence that's shown below will only pertain to the manga continuity.

     When Sailor Saturn decides to bring about the ruin, she doesn't need to say a three-word incantation to do such a thing. Several of the characters confirm this. These passages have been taken from Alex Glover's BSSM manga translations:

"We watched as she slowly brought down her silence glaive, as the Silver Millennium went into oblivion." - Sailor Neptune, Act 30.

"Now that I've awakened, I must bring down this silence glaive." - Sailor Saturn, Act 33.

"If it's brought down, it will mean the lapse of everything. Sailor Saturn!" - Sailor Pluto, Act 33.

"She'll bring down the silence glaive," thinks Haruka. "Along with the monster, this world will end! Sailor Moon!!" - Sailor Uranus, Act 33.

     Sailor Saturn performs Death Reborn Revolution in act 33, Japanese volume 10. She also brings the ruin to the world in that same act. The confusion between these two activities is understandable. In order to understand what happens, the section in question must be studied. Alex Glover's translation is used again.

The mirror, orb, and sword flash.

"The talismans!?"

They lift them into the air.

A hole opens in the monster in the darkness.

A sailor-suited figure rises into the air, lying on her back, in a sphere of light.


"Oh my god..."

The figure stands up in the air, the mark of the planet Saturn emblazoned on her forehead.

"I am the messenger from the depths of death. Carrier of the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. The soldier of silence. Sailor Saturn."

"She's awakened..."

"Sailor Saturn...!!"

"Is this the end!?"

"Is Sailor Moon... Is Super Sailor Moon... dead!?"

Sailor Saturn looks at them. "I was called by the pulled trigger long ago. It doesn't seem that it's been that long yet. I seem like an invited guest. I slowly met accidents one after another, and disturbing occurrences were brought about. Suddenly history seemed to have gone a bit wrong."

She flies down to the blackness and stabs it with her glaive.

"I can't move!? Ohhh!" the monster says. "Power... My power is being soaked up!"

"Through the accident in this Infinity zone," says Saturn, "the one I was supposed to have eternal sleep in, 'Hotaru,' began to live without life as a cyborg. In that girl's body, I wasn't supposed to awaken. It was a shock to my spirit as well. Then that body began to live under the utilization. Then Professor Tomoe's twisted mind summoned those from the other world. But... There was nothing I could do. We were drawn here. The passage of the other world opened here. This land was the chosen place. All the power gathered here. And then everything began the walk toward ruin. Everything was set up by fate. Now that I've awakened, I must bring down this silence glaive."

"The silence glaive," Michiru thinks. "The scythe of the goddess of death."

"If it's brought down," says Setsuna, "it will mean the lapse of everything. Sailor Saturn!"

"Damnit!" Haruka says. "Why was all this set up by fate!? It can't be! Stop! Saturn!!"

"Then..." Chibi-Usa thinks. "Is there no future for us?"

"Death Reborn Revolution!"

Ribbons surround Saturn as she raises the glaive.

"Ohhh!" the monster says. "Power! My power! It's being sucked away! This huge negative aura!? The biggest power of the Omega Area's continued sleep! Has that power awakened as the guiding light of ruin!? You!? Ohhhh!"

The darkness rises into the sky toward the Tau [Galaxy] overhead.

"The monster is leaving the earth's surface!? What power!"

"You abominable creature!" Saturn says. "Invader! Return to nothingness! Then the death for this world!"

Blackness swirls around her as a torrent of energy rises to the sky.

"It's the end!" Mamoru thinks. "We can't stop it anymore!"

"She'll bring down the silence glaive," thinks Haruka. "Along with the monster, this world will end! Sailor Moon!!"

Saturn turns and swipes the glaive down.

Mamoru covers Chibi-Usa as explosions rip apart the city. Buildings collapse to the ground.

"Everyone... Everyone... Disappearing."

The sea crashes around them.

"The world... is ending..."

     Pages 100 and 101 of volume 10 show the destruction of the world. The buildings collapse on page 100, but there is an image on page 101 that shows Earth surrounded by lightning-like energy. One of the characters says "The world... is ending..." This essentially means that not only is Sailor Saturn's power affecting Tokyo, it's also affecting the whole world.

     Also notice that Sailor Saturn says, "Then the death for this world" a full four pages after she performs Death Reborn Revolution. As a matter of fact, the ribbons from that maneuver are no longer seen when she makes her comment about the death for the world. She's not even holding her Death Reborn Revolution stance anymore! So, the world was still in once piece even at that point after she performed the maneuver.

     The idea that the world is reborn because of Sailor Saturn's powers is also erroneous. The manga is also very specific about whose powers will revive the ruined earth. This is from Glover's translations:

"Attack! Attack!" the monster says. "To the Tau [Galaxy]! Reduced to being drawn by gravity to the darkness of the graveyard! Our home of death, the Tau [Galaxy]!"

"It's beautiful," says Saturn. "The suffering of the moment of destruction. Now! Right away! The guide to death, Sailor Saturn, will lead to the world of silence and nothingness!"

"Saturn!?" Usagi says. "Like this, we'll be drawn to outer space together!"

"Oh no!" the others think. "Together!?"

"I don't feel despair," Saturn says. "Along with death, there is always hope and rebirth. You will cause that, Super Sailor Moon."

     Sailor Saturn commands Sailor Pluto to seal the passage to the other world. Sailor Saturn falls into the vortex with the Tau Galaxy and Pharaoh 90. The Space-Time Door shuts and Sailor Moon remembers Saturn's words.

Usagi stares into the sky.

"Along with death... Hope and rebirth begin."

She appears in her white gown, and she raises the heart moon rod in the air. Buildings are reconstructed, and the people wake up.

"The city..." Luna says from the command center. "The people are being resurrected!"

"Neo Queen Serenity...?"

Usagi stands atop a devastated pillar in the center of the ruined building, holding up the rod.

"The messiah..." Mamoru says. "So it was you... Serenity."

     That passage makes it clear that Sailor Saturn's Death Reborn Revolution maneuver has nothing to do with the revival of the world. The maneuver's influence is gone by the time Sailor Moon revives the world, and Sailor Saturn isn't even around to do anything! The job of reviving rests solely on Sailor Moon.

     I hope that this article gives the reader a better understanding of Sailor Saturn's special power. Unfortunately, the rumors that are associated with Sailor Saturn's powers are so common that most fans aren't going to question them. The important thing to understand is that, although I am attempting to debunk those ideas, I don't intend to force my ideas onto others. The reader should look at the evidence critically and draw his or her own conclusions.

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