An Introduction: Purpose and Disclaimers

     The purpose of this article is to introduce the important names that are important only in the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS movie.  The origins of the names of those characters are also explained in this article.  This article focuses only on the original Japanese version of this movie.  I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, but it is often very difficult to determine exactly how Naoko Takeuchi and the producers of the movie wished to write the characters' names in the Roman alphabet.  I am not associated with Ms. Takeuchi or the producers of the movie in any way.  Furthermore, the non-Japanese spellings that are used on this site are not necessarily official.

     For the romanization of the Japanese script, this article uses the modified Hepburn system used in NTC's New Japanese-English Character Dictionary (editor in chief Jack Halpern, National Textbook Company, 1993).  Due to the limitations of HTML, circumflexes (^) replace the macrons () in the HTML title and in the Javascript.  Macrons can be found everywhere else in this article.

Gekijban: Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Spzu
Sr 9 Senshi Shketsu! Burakku Dormu Hru no Kiseki

Theatrical Version: Beautiful Girl Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS
The Gathering of the Nine Sailor Soldiers!  The Miracle of the Black Dream Hole

Names and Etymologies

The Names Written in Japanese

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