This section contains information about viewing DIES GAUDII correctly, a list of programs used to build the Web site, and the complete version of the copyright notice.

Viewing Information

     DIES GAUDII was designed for the Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 web browsers in mind.  There is no guarantee that the Web site will look its best in any other browser.  The page should be viewed at a resolution setting of at least 800 by 600 pixels with sixteen million colors (24 bit).  Most of the sections in DIES GAUDII use the Verdana and Arial fonts.  A browsers text settings should be set to medium when viewing DIES GAUDII.  A larger text size will render some of the pages at the Web site awkward. The title graphics use the font called Clearly Roman.

Tools Used to Create DIES GAUDII

     The HTML at DIES GAUDII was written completely by hand with Windows Notepad or Windows Wordpad.  The graphics were prepared mostly with Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photohop 5.  Some of the images at DIES GAUDII were given to me.  I scanned most of the other images.  Still other images were found on other Web sites.

Complete Copyright Notice

     I am assuming that all the images used in the creation of DIES GAUDII are of public domain, unless otherwise indicated.  If, for some reason, a certain image is held in copyright, and the owner requests it be taken from DIES GAUDII page, I shall promptly remove it.

     DIES GAUDII, and all its original content, is copyright 2000-2004 Ian Andreas Miller.  All rights reserved.  No original part of the Web site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, such that at least one of those actions is an infringement of copyright without the prior and explicit permission of Ian Andreas MillerDIES GAUDII and Ian Andreas Miller respect the "Fair Use" clause of Title 17, Section 107, United States Code.  (Note: Sections of DIES GAUDII may be produced for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching [including multiple copies for classroom use], scholarship, or research so long as there are is no infringement of copyright.)  Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn is owned and maintained by Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, and several other companies.  DIES GAUDII intends not to infringe upon the rights of any of these parties.  This is a fan Web site and I am not getting any money for operating it.  If you are representing any of these companies and you feel that this page violates their rights, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can fix the problem.

Sending Me Feedback

     Feel free to send me feedback.  Please understand that all submissions (e-mail messages, chatroom messages, et cetera) become my property.  Submissions may be published or reused in any other medium.

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