DIES GAUDII would not exist if some important people did not contribute to its creation directly and indirectly.  As a sign of politeness, I created this section show who some of those people are.  More people may be added in the future.

I love Risa-chan very much!  She has been supportive, informative, and helpful.  It is nice that she likes to read my articles.  She is brilliant and sweet!  It is always fun to talk to her.

Samantha Label (A.K.A. Lita-chan)
Samantha and I have become friends, and we have been corresponding over e-mail for several months.  She always has intelligent things to say, and she is a good writer!  She as nice enough to DIES GAUDII a new home!

Michelle (A.K.A. Mnemosynehime)
If there is any site that could potentially become a sister site of DIES GAUDII, it would probably be Michelle’s Aurorean Web site.  She has worked hard and her Web site shows it.  Michelle has also been giving me good comments about my articles.

Gina Biggs (A.K.A. Bunny)
I was happy to know that Bunny thinks of me as a good friend!  She also is eager to learn new things about Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  She really does care about the accuracy of the information on her site.  I respect her for that.

My friends at the Kinmoku Koibito Forums
The people who visit the Kinmoku Koibito Forums are quite friendly.  As a matter of fact, I think that they are all wonderful friends!  I appreciate their giving me comments on my articles!  They also seem to like my Hotaru bikini fascination!

All the Hotaru Bikini Images! artists
Those who contributed to the Hotaru Bikini Images! gallery need to be acknowledged.  I like all of the images there, and I hope the artists draw more soon.  The gallery simply would not exist if those good people did not work so hard.

The visitors of DIES GAUDII
Those who are willing to visit DIES GAUDII are worthy of praise.  There are no counters on the main section of my site because I care more about people getting to understand Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn better than simply getting hits.

Catzi asked me to look around her site to check for errors, and I sent her a list of things that could be changed there. She was kind and thoughtful enough to give my site two awards: [Award One] [Award Two]. Thanks, Catzi!

Naoko Takeuchi
Ms. Takeuchi created the anime and manga series that I love so much.  She needs to be praised for working so hard on her story.  She is a very intelligent and talented woman, and I hope to meet her in person someday.

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