DIES GAUDII is not the only place online to learn more about Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn, of course.  Those who wish to learn more about the series should visit my friends’ Web sites or the other interesting Web sites listed here.  In order to help novices, I have also mentioned several Web sites that should be avoided.

My Friends’ Sites

Samantha, who is intelligent and thoughtful, was kind enough to give DIES GAUDII its own place on her domain.  She also maintains the main section of the absoludicrous.net, which is home to her own sites.

Bunny’s Tour of the Silver Millennium
Bunny runs one of the most well known BSSM Web sites.  Her site is comprehensive, and full of interesting things to see and do.  Visitors can also admire her excellent artwork.  Bunny’s Tour is definitely worth a bookmark.  Check it out today!

This is one of DIES GAUDII’s sister Web sites!  There are not many Web sites out there that deal with the mythological references in anime.  Michelle’s Aurorean contains plenty of such information for Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  It is nice to know that there are people out there who enjoy building Web sites that deal with that sort of information.

the oracle :: bssm encyclopaedia
This is another sister Web site of DIES GAUDII!  Pixie’s encyclopaedia covers many of the names and words that appear in the various continuities of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  I was impressed by her work.

Pencil Sketch
Meianou is a good artist, and she drew several of the images that are found in the Hotaru Bikini Images! gallery.  She likes to draw the Sailor Starlights.  Those who are interested in seeing more her artwork should go to her Web site.

Pacific Moon Animation Gallery
Pedro’s site has some animations from the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn anime. The animation of the transformation of Sailor Saturn is my favorite one.

The Realm of Sailor Energy
Jeffrey Anderson’s Web site contains accurate Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn information, beautiful drawings, and amusing comics! There are many cute images in the Kawaii GIF Gallery. Jeffrey once drew a great Hotaru bikini image!

Moonlight Soldiers
Fighter4luv has a site about the original Japanese version of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn as well as a lot of information about the English dub. In fact, there is more information about the dub than what you would find at Bunny’s Tour of the Silver Millennium!

Other Sites

The Crown Arcade
This one deals with the video games and applications that were released by fans or by official companies, or by other means. I am impressed!

A Gateway to Sailor Moon: Links to the Sailor Moon Universe!
This is a source for links to Sailor Moon sites. The person who owns this site linked to mine. I thought that I should link back to his site.

Hitoshi Doi’s Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Most fans know about Mr. Doi’s site.  There are episode summaries, an encyclopedia, and other rare things on this Web site.  Unfortunately, Mr. Doi is not updating this site much anymore.  The quality of the site is high, but much more could be added.

The Sailor Senshi Page
This popular site contains quite a bit of information about the anime and manga continuities of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  The author of the site is rather opinionated.

Manga Style
Those who like the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga will also like this site.  Visitors will be able to find images from the Illustration Collections here.  There is a section that shows images from the Materials Collection, but the gallery is not complete.

One should admire the effort that Yoon Mi Kim has put into her site.  Her site deals with many of the manga titles by Ms. Takeuchi, including Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  Yoon Kim is knowledgeable, but she is not always willing to correct her information when it is necessary.

Nishi has dedicated this domain to the love of Usagi and Mamoru, the two main characters in Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  Much of the information on her sites are accurate, but she claims that Usagi’s princess form should be called “Selenity.”

SweetUsagi Sailormoon
Lynn’s organized site has some good information on the Japanese versions of the anime and manga.  Incidentally, she is one of the few people who acknowledges the sabăo in the name Sabăo Spray!

The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko
Most fans follow Alex Glover’s translations of Codonemu wa Sera V and Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn.  His translations are almost poetic, and they seem to be accurate.  I am not allowed to post a link to the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn translation, though.

Sailormoon Nexus
This is a large collection of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Web site links.  Beginners who are new to the series should check that place out.

Sailor Moon Uncensored
The owners of this site show how the English dubs of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn anime differ from the original Japanese version.  Fans who do not know much about the original version should visit this site.

Message Boards

Forums for Genvid and DIES GAUDII
I am one of the administrators of this message board. There are some friendly people there. (Of course, there are some annoying folks, too...) One of the sections of this message board contains posts that pertain to the new live-action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon series. My username is Antie.

The Galaxy Cauldron
Jami, the owner of Shadowed Galaxy, is also the owner of this message board. I am one of the moderators there. My username is Antie.

Kinmoku Koibito Forums
Kotetsu is the owner of this message board.  Most of the people who visit there are friendly and intelligent.  Visitors may not like the annoying popup ads there, though.  I used to post often in this message board, but I have not been posting recently.  My username is Ian Miller.

Sites I Do Not Like Much

Save Our Sailors
The infamous S.O.S organization is mentioned here only to emphasize how bad it is.  Their Web site’s layout has not changed much in the past five years.  Not only that, the people who run the site have track record of being liars and pests.

Tomb of the Little Known Senshi
This just may be one of the most overrated Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn Web sites.  The main problem with this site is that so much of the information is simply inaccurate.  Moreover, the author of this site is not willing to correct much of her information.

Tokyo Pop
This company, under the name of Mixx, released its own adaptation of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga.  Many fans complain about how the inept adaptation is “better than nothing,” but they should realize that not just anything is acceptable.


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