Here are some other interesting things to see. Visitors may even find some of these things helpful and useful.

Hotaru Bikini Images!
Hotaru looks great in a bikini! Those who wish to see her in a bikini should look at some of these nice images! Many talented artists have contributed to this gallery!

Happy Birthday, Hotaru! (2002)
Hotaru's birthday is on the sixth day of January! This section was built in 2002 to celebrate her birthday!

Happy Birthday Hotaru-chan! (2000)
This is the original Hotaru birthday section. This one was built in 2000. It even contains a cute little hymn to Hotaru!

Japanese Character Encoding
Read this tutorial to learn how to use Japanese character encoding on Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Japanse character encoding it useful when visiting Japanese Web sites.

Yoon Mi Kim's Submarine "Violin" Tide
When asked whether she could find a special maneuver called "Submarine Violin Tide" in the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn manga or not, she gave an interesting answer. See what she wrote.

It's the Dancing Hotaru Page!
This was DIES GAUDII's April Fools' Day joke for 2002. Look at all the cute little Hotarus! They look very happy! (No, I did not put a midi on the page.)

Writing Xiaolang’s Name
This article attempts to explain why there are several different ways to write Xiaolang's name.

Transliteration Explanation
In many of my articles, I wrote that the Japanese often approximate non-Japanese words in their written language. This brief article attempts to explain what is meant by transliteration. Poupelin (the fairy from the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn SuperS movie) and Potamos (a female character from the anime named Wedding Peach) are mentioned in this article!

The Magic Knight Rayearth Term List
This list shows the origins of many of the names that appear in the anime series Magic Knight Rayearth.

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