Here are some other interesting things to see. Visitors may even find some of these things helpful and useful.

Hotaru Tomoe Desktop Wallpaper
I like Hotaru so much that I made this desktop wallpaper! I think the pictures on it are lovely!

Happy Birthday, Hotaru! (2003)
Hotaru's birthday is on the sixth day of January! This section was built in 2003 to celebrate her birthday! She would be happy to see it!

Kana and Kanji Explained
This article provides a thorough explanation of the Japanese writing system. Learn the meanings of the terms hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

This is a link to the new version of DIES GAUDII's message board. I post in the message board sometimes.

About the Creator of DIES GAUDII
This section provides information about the creator of DIES GAUDII.

Happy Birthday, Hotaru! (2004)
Here is another Hotaru birthday section! This one was built in 2004 to celebrate her birthday! She would be happy to see it!

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