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27 March 2006:
I haven't updated my site for months! Anyway, this morning, I found evidence that "Mirror Palais Dolly" really should be "Mirror Paredri." If you want to see some details, look at this LJ entry. I hope that, sooner or later, I'll have that information up elsewhere at DIES GAUDII.

29 December 2005:
The Chronology Problems article is down for maintenance. I do not know when it will be up again.

A new version of the “Monsters-of-the-Days” List is ready.

15 November 2005:
You might want to see my new LiveJournal: Ephemeris Interretialis Diaphani. Feel free to respond to my entries!

9 November 2005:
My responses to that Kim Yoon Mi person's comments can be found in another section.

26 August 2005:
Hey, I have been seriously thinking about moving DIES GAUDII to Genvid. One of the main reasons I would like to move to Genvid is that Samantha, the person in charge of, has not responded to my e-mail messages for more than two years. (The last time I heard from Samantha, it was a message to all of the people she was hosting at prettyodango, and not directed to just me. The message basically said that if the hosted people wanted to be hosted at absoludicrous, they should reply. I replied, but I did not get a response from her.) If I were hosting someone, I would like to make sure whoever I am hosting is still alive and well. If I do decide to move, I will let you all know.

22 August 2005:
What? What? What? A new article is ready? It's true! Take a look at my Eye-Beam or Beam? article! (Wow, it's been more than a year and a half since I last posted a new article!)

11 August 2005:
It has been a while, huh? Unfortunately, I have not been motivated enough to update my site lately.

Get a load of Genvid's "Vadiane" stuff. The article is kind of amusing, but all of the instances of the "Vadiane" misspelling are just too distracting for me to ignore. Just imagine if one of their articles had "Jenvid" all over in it. It seems that despite all of my efforts in trying to help members of BSSM fandom come up with sensible spellings of the names of the characters, people are still using repudiated spellings such as "Vadiane" and "Nepherenia." That is hardly surprising when we consider that there are fans out there who still say things that imply that there was some kind of "switch" between Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto even though I have several articles that attack the claim.

Why do people still use such spellings and make such claims? I used to wonder about that a lot, but eventually I realized that there might be an explanation. It is more than likely that the people who reject my claims and arguments do so because of personal conviction, not because of evidence (or lack of it). I have been in many discussions where other people say things that basically boil down to "I like doing it my way, and screw yourself and the 'evidence' that you keep on sprouting." I could feed them all of the evidence and arguments I want, but they are not likely to change their minds. Objective conclusions should not be based on personal conviction, only tradition, only popularity, or personal authority. It should be based on evidence.

7 June 2005:
Hey, I'm 26 today! I'm happy!

25 May 2005:
I'm sure that many of you already know about the Warriors of Legend book by the the staff of Genvid L.L.C. If you haven't heard about it, take a look at it here.

1 May 2005:
If I could make a parody of Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn, I would do it this way:

The anime, manga, and live-action versions of the series are all called "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon," but the "sho" and "u" are of separate kanji. You really can't tell the difference between that transliteration and the transliteration of the name of the series by Ms. Takeuchi. (We all know that there is no "correct" way to transliterate Japanese words, which means that all English-letter spellings are wrong.) The English title is "Cute Bozo Sailor Moon," so every time you see "??" ("senshi") elsewhere, you "translate" that into English as "Bozo" because it's "more appropriate." Although all of those versions have the same English title, fans use "CBSM" as if it can only refer to the live-action version. It's not uncommon to hear someone say "I like the anime and manga versions, but I hate CBSM."

SuperDuperPooperScooperMoon and SuperSailorItsyBitsyTeenyWeenieYellowPolkaDotMoon are the main characters. The former is really Princess Tlanquirity from a group of planets called the Silver Millenium [sic]. Sailor Mercury uses her SHABON SUPUREE whenever possible. Sailor Saturn does her "Silence Glaive Surprise" attack, too. She raises her Silence Glaive and brings it down in an arc while yelling the words. The attack produces a moment of silence and then a huge explosion occurs that destroys everything around it. She also does the manga version of "Death Reborn Revolution," which always destroys the entire world. But she doesn't do any of that bringing-down-of-the-Glaive nonsense. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune were so obviously "switched" in terms of mythology. Mercury was the elegant god, but Neptune was the god associated with water. Sailor Mercury is the Water Senshi while Sailor Neptune is the Elegant Senshi.

The Inner-Bellybutton Senshies and the Outer-Bellybutton Senshies have to fight the Girl Trio and the Girless Quartet. The Girl Trio are MALE girls who are FEMALE. The Girless Quartet are FEMALE girls who are FEMALE. The Senshies have to be all ready for NEPHELENIA, the Cloud Queen. She also commands Zoicite, who likes to cite his sources. Don't forget Coonsight (he has good sight), Nefright (he's always right), and Jedight (he dresses himself)! There are also what fans refer to as the "Witch Senshi." Actually, their official name is the Witch Quintet, but their official name isn't as popular as the fan name. Eventually, the Animates appear. One of the members can be called "Sailor Red Crow" or "Sailor Lead Crow." Her name refers to mainly "Lead Crow" and also puns on "Red Crow," so when translating it into English, "Sailor Lead(Red) Crow" would be better. Sailor Ion Mouth is the cute one. Sailor Aluminium Sigh-Wren, Sailor Heavy Metal Butterfly, and Sailor Tin Kitty are other members. Ah, but there are more villains. There are two fugitives (??????) from another planet. It's pretty obvious that their names are supposed to be "Fug" (????) and "Ive" (??) (from "FUGitIVE), but many fans refer to them as "Fuge" and "Eve." (You can ask the fans why they do that, but they'll just say that "'Fug' doesn't look like it should be pronounced 'fooj'" and "'Ive' looks like it should be pronounced 'I've' [the contraction of 'I have'].") Each story arc is, of course, represented by something like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The Senshies have some allies. Tutan-edo Khamen, the Uncommon One. There are also the talking cats Arcemis (pronounced like "Artemis," but we all know that the "t" sound is so much better represented by the letter "c") and Runa (it's obvious that her name is really "Luna," but the whole L/R thing makes it so "Runa" is just as acceptable). Pegasas (not "Pegasus"), who becomes a priest named Ermes (not "Hermes"), also helps the Senshies.

10 April 2005:
I have decided not to post that SweetUsagi Sailormoon article for reasons I do not wish to state here.

2 April 2005:
Did you like the joke from yesterday?

That SweetUsagi Sailormoon article will be finished soon.

14 March 2005:
A new article will be ready soon! I have been working on it for several months. It will be about my comments on a certain section of SweetUsagi Sailormoon.

I have heard some arguments against the "Al" and "En" spellings for the names of the two aliens in the first part of the Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn R anime series. Now I am going to make analogous arguments that seem to discredit the "Eudial" and "Cere Cere" spellings. After each argument, there is a section that shows how I would respond to the argument.

  • The "Eudial" and "Cere Cere" spellings are stupid. (How I would respond: You are entitled to your opinion, and you are free to write the names any way you want (you could write "XwyTZ" and "PQvky"), but your opinion is not what decides which spelling is more expedient.)

  • The "Eugeal" spelling is more phonetic than "Eudial" because "Eudial" looks like it should be pronounced like the English words "you dial" even though it is not. (How I would respond: You may find it more phonetic, and even the official English version of the anime used "Eugeal," but the choice of letters was arbitrary. The English version could have just as easily used "Yujeel," "Yoogeal," "Eujeel," or something like those. The choice between "Ail" and "Ale" for the name of the male alien was also arbitary [so long as any official spelling is unknown].)

  • Each of the two parts of "Cere Cere" looks like it should be pronounced like the English word "cere" (which does not sound like "seh-reh"). We should use the spelling "Sere Sere" (the transliteration of "????") instead of "Cere Cere." (How I would respond: In that case, we should also write "Yujiaru" or "Yuujiaru" instead of "Eudial," "Eiru" instead of "Ail" or "Ale" or "Al," and "An" instead of "Ann" or "Anne" or "En.")

  • You would think that when the name "Cere Cere" was derived from "Ceres," the pronunciations of the vowels would have changed. (How I would respond: Even with the loss of the letter, the vowels are supposed to be the same. When "Al" and "En" were derived from "alien," and when "Eudial" was derived from "Eudialyte," the respective vowels retained their original pronunciations.)

  • It is probably best to keep on using the common spellings of names even if more objective ones can be determined: if "Eugeal" happens to be more common, we would use it instead of "Eudial." (How I would respond: If you can find more objective spellings, but you claim that the common spellings are more expedient to use than the more objective spellings, then that is not a logical appeal to popularity. Imagine what science textbooks would be like if people believed that fallacy were valid. The textbooks would still be saying that the Earth is at the center of the universe.)

8 March 2005:
I am sorry that I have not been updating DIES GAUDII lately. Right now, I just do not feel like updating my site often.

Let me tell you what I have been doing lately. It is my goal to make one thousand avatars that show fictional female characters and female people from history. So far, I have made almost five hundred avatars. That means I am about half-way to my goal! You can see some of the avatars here. Notice that not all of the characters are from Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn! Also note that the characters have Latin titles. I will post translations of the titles someday.

28 January 2005:
I updated my Bibliographia Lunaris again.

6 January 2005:
Nope, not much is new here. I do want to say "Happy birthday, Hotaru!"

10 December 2004:
Sooner or later, I am going to finish that Pretty Guardian -- Live-Action: Cast Lists section. It has been a long time since I added new material to it.

I have been working on certain parts of the Pginae Latnittis site lately. Feel free to look at the Avatara Puellrum Bellulrum section. There is a Sailor Saturn avatar there. I like it!

12 November 2004:
The Bibliographia Lunaris has some more content now.

I finally updated the Hotaru Bikini Images! section! Remember that?

29 October 2004:
Wow! I haven't been updating DIES GAUDII lately! There are some new things in the Pginae Latnittis, though. I'm planning to updating the Bibliographia Lunaris soon.

30 September 2004:
Some new material is in section 8 of my Helios or Elios? article.

29 September 2004:
DoseiNoSenshi of the Forums pointed out that Kunzite's name appears as "Kunzait" on the back sheet of DJ Moon 3! (The card was scanned by the owner of That looks like a very strange Roman-letter transliteration of (Kuntsaito). It is likely that the people who prepared the text didn't know how the name of the mineral is spelled.

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