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27 September 2006:
No, nothing much is different around here. There is something that I would like to say, though. As some of you know, I am going to get married on 7 October! I am excited about this! Weddings really are a lot of work, I tell you. One of the reasons that I have not been updating my site is that I just do not have time to do much with my site.

Anyway, here is a countdown clock that shows when I am going to be married:

The clock is from here: JavaScript Countdown/Count-up Timer/Clock for Web Pages.

24 August 2006:
Wow! It is August already!

Have you heard about the status of Pluto? It is now a dwarf planet. Feel free to read my LJ entry to see what I have to say about that.

I hope that, someday, I will be able to revamp DIES GAUDII completely. Unfortunately, I do not have as much free time as I once did! There are many things that I want to change on my site. I want to change "Mirror Palais Dolly" to "Mirror Paredri." "Amazones Quartetto" needs to be changed to "Amazones Quartet" (there are reasons that I want to use the English word from now on). There really needs to be a special section that deals with the philosophy of orthography. (Certain questions need to be addressed: e.g. "Why is one spelling better than another?" You can read a little about that in one of my LJ entries.)

13 May 2006:
There are some Wikipidiots over at Talk: Sailor Moon (of Wikipedia) who have been bashing me. Now I refer to those people as the Anti-Ian Brigade and the Antiani. You can read more about those idiots in one of my LiveJournal entries.

If you like me and my site, please show me your support!

Remember, folks: The Anti-Ian Brigade Must Be Stopped!

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