What is Moonstruck!?

Moonstruck! is a sprite-based webcomic designed to parody the role-playing video game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Another Story for the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System), released by Angel in 1995 and for which an English translation patch was created by a group of dedicated fans collectively known as Bishoujo Senshi Translations and made available to the online gaming community during the latter half of 1999. This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who's ever played it, as the entire design of this website reflects the strip's 16-bit origins.

As is the case with most satirical comic strips centered around an already-established series, Moonstruck! will be taking significant liberties when it comes to the portrayal of both the characters and situations from the anime version of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. While it will never resort to "breaking the fourth wall", don't be surprised if official continuity takes a back seat to comedic license on this ride and characters from completely unrelated series make cameo appearances. Considering how unrealistically countries that I've personally lived in such as Canada and Switzerland are portrayed in the original video game, I think turnabout is more than fair in this case, don't you? ^_^;

What was used to make this sprite webcomic?

Moonstruck! was created with the help of a hopelessly outdated version of Paint Shop Pro, good old Microsoft Paint, and a nifty application called Bitmap Font Writer. Check out either the Downloads or the Links section of this website for more information on that last program and all the wonderful things that it can do for you. :D

While I did rip most of the villain and non-player character sprites directly from the game and made several others from existing ones myself, I eventually decided that it was a waste of time to do what several other people had already done, and independently of one another to boot, so I merely looked over their collections and borrowed whichever ones that I was missing in order to complete my own. And while I have no immediate intentions of making my personal sprite sheets available for downloading here, I don't really need to because I've credited enough online sources for helping me in the Links section that anyone looking to assemble their own can do so in no time at all. ;)

This page was last updated on August 31, 2003
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