The creation of this comic strip wouldn't have been possible without the help of several individuals and websites scattered all across the World Wide Web. In order to show my appreciation, I've linked to just about everyone I can think of who made a significant contribution to my cause, consciously or unconsciously. My motives nonwithstanding, each of the following sites has something special to offer the casual Internet surfer who happens to stumble upon it. So, go ahead...give them a chance. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. :)

Bishoujo Senshi Translations
Homepage of the English translation version of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Another Story. The site has been inactive for the past four years as the group disbanded once the project was finally completed.

Fantasy Anime
Awesome website dedicated to emulation and role-playing games. It has several huge level maps for Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Another Story! O_O
Among the myriad sites contained within this collective is Sparkly's Sprite Haven, an adoption center for the webmistress' custom-made sprites.

FuSoYa's Niche
Homepage of the Bishoujo Senshi Translations programmer which contains technical data on and programs for working with the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Another Story game, among other things.

Game & Utilities
A site featuring software created by webmaster Stefan Petterson, including the indispensible Bitmap Font Writer for aspiring sprite comic creators. ;)

Lycentia's SM Web Graphics Shop
Quite possibly the ultimate source of freely downloadable Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon paraphernalia for customizing your website on the Internet.

Mirakuru Romansu - Usagi and Mamoru Adoption Clique
A virtual orphanage with several custom-made sprites of Usagi, Mamoru, and their respective alter egos looking for an online home to call their own. :)

Monfriez's Homepage
The generous donor of several of the sprites used to make this comic whose site also has some nice scans from the original game's instruction manual!

The Shyguy Kingdom
An impressive and ever-growing repository of video game sprites across all conceivable platforms and genres. Looking for something? Try here first!

Tiny Treasures and Forgotten Boys - Lilstraykitty's Trash Can
Home of the Adopt-a-Youma program, this good source of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon sprites even has some original ones doing naughty things to each other! :O

VGWS (Video Game Webpage Services)
As the name implies, this is home to free video game-based goodies, such as sprites, hit counters, and clocks, that you can use to spruce up your own site!

Zone 38 - Codeman 38's Somewhat Personal Homepage
An assortment of humorous material as well as Bitmap Font Writer and even True Type Fonts (*.ttf) based on those found in various classic video games.


The following are a variety of online strips that I either read on a semi-regular basis or which helped inspire me to try my own hand at webcomic authoring, for better or worse. Please note that some of them feature material intended for mature readers and may not conform to everyone's sense of decency or good taste. Those with any objectional content (such as excessive swearing or course language, sexual situations, nudity, etc.) have been labeled appropriately, so consider carefully before following any of these links and don't come crying to me if you suddenly find yourself somewhere you don't want to be. :P

8-Bit Theater by Brian Clevinger
A parody of the original Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System and one reason why the webcomic you're now reading is here today.

Bob and George by David Anez
The direct ancestor of all the sprite webcomics in existence today. A goofy, satirical look at the Mega Man series of games and its family of characters.

Dub This! by Luke Morgan and Scott Johnson
The misadventures of the members of an anime fan club. How many of the classic otaku character traits do you and your friends share with the cast? :D

Errant Story by Michael Poe
A funny yet occasionally serious modern take on the pseudo-European, medieval worlds of the fantasy/role-playing genre.

Exploitation Now by Michael Poe (Not suitable for all audiences)
The exploits of a porn actress, her troubled kid sister, the perverted bastard son of Hello Kitty and a Moogle, and a cute freckled teenage supervillainess.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic by Ghastly (Not suitable for all audiences)
An adult webcomic with what's arguably the strangest cast of characters ever assembled which shows that tentacle monsters are people, too. Better have a cast iron stomach to read this one. :P

Mac Hall by Matt Boyd and Ian McConville
Follow the comic strip counterparts of the creators and their friends as they attempt to survive the trials and tribulations of university student life.

Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher
The misadventures of Piro and Largo, two otaku whom fate has stranded in the urban wilderness of Tokyo, Japan. A favorite of many webcomic readers.

Penny Arcade by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins
The continuing story of Gabe and Tycho, who take their love of video games far too seriously for their own good...or anyone else's, for that matter.

Real Life by Greg Dean
A self-insertion webcomic whose crazy situations loosely mirror the author's personal life. If only we had time machines and sentient computers... ;)

Sexy Losers by Hard (Not suitable for all audiences)
A humorous yet often disturbing look into the unusual sex lives of various warped and unusual individuals, with several different ongoing storylines serialized in an erratic and irregular fashion. Definitely not for the easily offended, the squeamish, or the faint of heart.

Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida (Not suitable for all audiences)
Often scathing yet always delicious satire. What more can you ask from a webcomic where God and the Devil not only have groupies but are two of the main characters next to two cherubs, a Calvin rip-off, an alleged tramp, a bookworm, and an anthropomorphic pig, cat, and dog? :D

Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams
The granddaddy of all webcomics and, in the minds of many, still the best one out there. Its intricate ongoing storylines, strong sense of continuity, and colorful characters make it definitely worth a look.

You Damn Kid... by Owen Dunne (Not suitable for all audiences)
A nostalgic look back at the world of your childhood as seen through the eyes of an adult. Laugh at the jokes and double entendres that went over your head when you were more diminutive in stature. ;)

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