SILENT HILL: Ascension | An Inside Look

By Jamie Acevedo

The team behind SILENT HILL: Ascension breaks down the process of evolving the iconic franchise into the next evolution of live, interactive entertainment.

Debuting exclusively on IGN, SILENT HILL: Ascension | An Inside Look goes behind the scenes with Stephan Bugaj (Chief Creative Officer, Genvid), Shiaw-Ling Lai (Director of Production, Genvid), Martin Montgomery (Creative Director, Genvid), Shanon Ingles (Lead Writer & Principle, Martian Brothel) Chris Amaral (Art Director, Bad Robot Games) and cEvin Key (Musical Composer, NEKOFACE, co-founder, Skinny Puppy) for an inside look at the making of SILENT HILL: Ascension. Watch now!

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